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Unique Striking Strategies With Greg Jackson

Unique Striking Strategies With Greg Jackson

Today we are going to be stalking about Mongolian attack methods for MMA. you’re probably asking yourself, what does that even mean, are they talking about Genghis Khan? 

The answer is kind of. What we are talking about is one of the methods that made the Mongols famous world wide as excellent tactics and allowed them to win battles. THis method allowed the Mongols to conquer nearly half of the world and make the largest empire in the history of humanity. And yes, we can convert this tactic from large scale battles with hundreds of warriors, to a one of one fist fight.  

This tactic is known as the feigned retreat and it is still in use today by some military units. The Mongols made this technique famous and the great thing about it is that it’s super simple. Historically the mongols would charge at their opponent to get them hyped up and then quickly pull out and retreat. This would make their opponent chase them and leave them exposed, at which point the mongols would capitalize and attack while the opponent was weak. 

In this video, the legendary MMA coach goes over how he has adapted the feigned retreat for MMA, or as he likes to call it the Mongolian Attack. Greg Jackson is one of the biggest and most renowned names in the MMA coaching game. He is one half of the dynamic duo of coaches down at JacksonWink MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico. At that gym he’s worked with some of the biggest and most acclaimed names in MMA history. Among those names are Jon Jones, George Saint Pierre, Michelle Waterson and Holly Holm. He even created his own all encompassing Martial Arts style in Gaidojutsu. 


Technique Breakdown

The video starts off with Jackson talking about the history of the Mongolian Attack and why he named it that. He then explains how having a fake retreat and then making your opponent pay is a very important concept. This is because you can utilize it by drawing your opponent in hard and they won't expect an attack. 

To be clear, Greg Jackson doesn’t mean that you literally need to retreat backwards and wait for your opponent to get close so you can kick them in the face. For MMA, it basically means that you leave an opening that your opponent believes that they can capitalize on. 

In this video, Greg Jackson demonstrates the Mongolian Attack by using a missed round kick and a side kick. What you're going to do is throw a short or shallow roundhouse kick, don’t worry, you are trying to miss the kick. This way you are going to swing around and land with your kicking leg exposed. 

Your opponent will notice this opening and believe that they are in a good position to strike you. When they move in, with the same leg that you just threw a short roundhouse kick with, you are going to throw a sidekick right into their torso. 

This will create that car crash effect where your opponent will actually be running into your strike. This will increase the damage done to your opponent massively. 

Greg's Instructional

The Fundamentals of MMA by Greg Jackson

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