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Uppercut Weave Lead Elbow by Dave Leduc

Uppercut Weave Lead Elbow by Dave Leduc


Dave Leduc is a Canadian Lethwei fighter, the first non-Burmese to win a Lethwei Gold Belt, the Undefeated Open Weight Lethwei World Champion, and the current WLC Cruiserweight World Champion! Here Dave Leduc shows a combination to land elbow strikes!


From an orthodox stance, the combination goes: jab, cross, lead uppercut (loaded by the cross), rear stepping elbow (loaded by the uppercut) , weave to your right avoiding opponents lead hook, cross, hook, rear elbow!

Lethwei is a newer sport to the rest of the world but has been taking place in Myanmar for 2,000 years! Lethwei is considered one of the bloodiest and most brutal combat sports in the world. It is known as “The Art of 9 Limbs”, as it allows strikes with not only hands, feet, elbows and knees, but also the headbutt along with takedown techniques included as well! 

One of the most brutal features of Lethwei is that the fights are done bare knuckle with only light gauze and tape on the hands, this can lead to fights being very bloody. Traditional Lethwei rules also allow a completely knocked out fighter to be revived once!

Foundation of Lethwei by Dave Leduc

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