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What Makes a Living Legend?

What Makes a Living Legend?

What does it take to make a living legend? What Solidifies a person's status as legendary? Unlike many adjectives that can be given to a fighter, oftentimes those words lose their value. Somehow the term “Legend” has been reserved for those who have earned it.

What if you are a 10 time World Champion in Muay Thai? Or a 20 year career that saw over 120 wins in Muay Thai? What about if that person spends two years in retirement then decides to come back and win several more fights? Would that be enough?

Wayne Parr is all of those things listed above. Starting his career in 1992 it lasted twenty years and he retired in 2012. He moved to Thailand the home of Muay Thai to train with some of the best at the time. One of his trainers was the renowned Santein Noi Known as “Death Kisser”.

It was at this time that Wayne was bestowed his nickname “John” as in John Wayne, like the famous actor who played cowboys in western movies. John earned this nickname because he would go in start slinging punches. Which later earned him the nickname in the same vain “Gunslinger”

The Gunslinger was known for his ability to create angles and land huge elbows. John always seems to be able to land shots through his opponent’s defense and it seems seamless. Over time John has learned some tricks that have helped him along the way.

One trick most traditional boxer’s are familiar with is “doubling up” on punches. Essentially throwing the same punch twice to throw your opponent’s defense out of rhythm. Often this is a Jab, and when a Cross gets through a fighter may choose to fire another one to the same spot in a effort to double down on a defensive error.

What if you double up on a elbow? Sounds nasty right? These are the kind of things that earned John Wayne Parr his nickname “The Gunslinger” throwing doubles of elbows for thunderous effect. John doesn’t just throw the elbow and hope that he lands one he uses one of those tricks to increase his chances of landing.

Check it out here:


The gunslinger starts with a good jab and on the way out hooks the defensive arm and throws a the elbow. In some instances a fighter will clear their arm in time for the block so doubling up is called for and JWP quickly re hooks the front arm and throws a elbow again this time hoping his clearing mechanism has done its job.

This concept of pulling the defensive arm forward clearing the way for the elbow and effective and most of all practical.  As you heard John Wayne used this in a fight himself to earn great reward.

This technique can be used in any situation where an opponent’s is trying to post on the inside to keep a good defensive “Frame”. After you throw the jab their arm normally with a large glove on it will be right there for the hooking motion. Unless they open their guard wide, in that case continue with hammers down the center.

Most people know John Wayne for his amazing Muay Thai but he had seen success in traditional western boxing as well. During his time as a boxer JWP earned a winning record. John Wayne Parr was the Australian Middlewieght Champion for a time. At one point he even was a title contender for the IBF Middleweight title lost a close decision. Boxing was the last place JWP would fight professionally. He lost a split decision and officially announced his retirement (again) citing his need for a hip replacement.

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His official boxing record ends with 11 wins 3 losses and no Draws. He has knocked out every person but one in fights that he has won. 14 fights does not seem like very many but these fights came mostly after his Pro Muay Thai Career.

In Muay Thai JWP ended his career after 132 fights, Winning 99 of them and of those wins he won 46 by way of knockout! He won 10 world titles in Muay Thai and is by far the most decorated Non Thai Ever. To put it into perspective Raymond Dekker won eight World Championships and had twice as many fights.

What is insane is this man has gone to war with EVERYBODY!!! He has never backed down, never made excuses for losses and has done it with the most infectious smile you have ever seen. When he is teaching and sharing his knowledge he does it with the most enthusiasm. The same energy you would expect from a over excited fan is the same energy The Gunslinger teaches with.

JWP has even won one of his championships via a Muay Thai tournament. The catch is he did the tournament all in one night. He fought three top tier fighters in one night to win the S1 World Muay Thai Title.

John loves to teach Boxing and Thai Boxing and does so from the comfort of his own gym in his home country of Australia. Guess the wild life isn’t the only thing that can kill you in Australia but John Wayne will do it with a smile.

To highlight both his foresight in creating drills and positive nature, Check out this drill John Wayne Parr uses to teach throwing a Knee. He uses a concept I have never seen before about “Pulling the rope” as a timing and loading mechanism. Check it out below.


Prime Instruction from one of the worlds greatest Muay Thai Champions. If you enjoyed both of The Gunslingers techniques, you will love his instructional. Each Movement is taught with the same high energy that you see and overall who can teach better than a man who has won 10 world championships?

The Aussie Formula: Kickboxing Fundamentals by John Wayne Parr

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