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Why Dyah Davis Wants You to Use Your Feet when You Use Your Jab

Why Dyah Davis Wants You to Use Your Feet when You Use Your Jab

 The jab is the most effective single strike in boxing, if not all of combat sports. Having a quality jab and different jabs to use will go a long way. A quality jab takes skill and time to master the mechanics and is the fundamental punch in boxing. The jab should be learned in its many different forms. The jab can be thrown from different angles, different speeds,and different timing. Jabs can be used as feints and fakes and it's easy to throw it after any other feint or fake, it's also the fastest and longest punch to the target while still staying balanced and not overreaching. Everything starts with the jab and ends with the jab. It's also really devastating and fast punch that keeps you on the back leg without too much commitment to the front leg where you will get countered

Most fighters are taught the jab hands first, a mistake a lot of coaches make is not teach the footwork of throwing the jab. You should punch with your legs not with your arms. That version of the jab is only using their shoulder and snapping the jab which utilizes only the shoulder, tricep and some oblique engagement. With the feet however you put your whole weight intoand much more force it without much exertion like the upper body only jab. 

In this video Dyah Davis shows a common mistake of bringing the feet close together when stepping with your Jab. This video is from his instructionals in dynamicstriking where he teaches the fundamentals of boxing to all levels

Who is Dyah Davis?

Dyah Davis is a former NABF and three time world title contender. He is the son of legendary Olympic boxer Howard Davis jr. Diyah Davis also trains Dustin Porier who many consider to have one of the best boxing in MMA. Diyah also trains Amanda Nunes, one if the greatest female fighters of all time a knockout artist and the best puncher in the women's 135 division


Breakdown Of The Step In Jab

Here coach Dyah says your feet should stay equally distant from each other to ensure balance. If someone tries to push you off balance you should be stable enough in your stance and not stumble. Your feet should be shoulder width apart to avoid that from happening. If someone pushes you back your balance and weight distribution should go to the right leg instead of losing position. Hypothetically if someone pushes you from behind you should be able to fall your balance on your front leg not lose position and stumble. Think of it like a bowling pin. If your feet are close you will be high and easy to knock over like the bowling pin. In the neutral stance however the weight should be evenly distributed. 

As you jab you should use your feet to punch and start by learning to step with the Punch. Feet and hands move together. Pushing off the back leg to propel you forward for power all while still maintaining balance

If you step forward and find yourself getting in trouble.  And there is a reason to retract: you need to get used to stepping backwards. After the jab lands your back feet should start moving to bring you back and out of danger.  

Fluid Boxing Fundamentals by Dyah Davis

Take A Look At Dyah’s Instructional “Fluid Boxing Fundamentals” A 2-Part Series Designed To Layout A Complete Blueprint On The Fundamentals Of Boxing!