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Why Using Your Eyes Is Crucial If You Want To Win A Fight With Teddy Atlas

Why Using Your Eyes Is Crucial If You Want To Win A Fight With Teddy Atlas


Having good eyesight is a very important aspect in the development of any fighter's style. It takes a lot of mental focus and good vision to be effective in any style of stand up fighting. All it takes is losing focus for a 10th of a second and the fight is out of your hands. 

In the peekaboo style of boxing it's not just the technique and mechanics of the punches but the philosophy of the style is in the calmness and presence in the chaos which needs quality drilling. The video below shows world famous Boxing coach Teddy Atlas on how to use your eyes.

Quality Drilling

As shown in the video Teddy Atlas is not allowing his fighter and student to make any mistakes. He is not allowing Ken to telegraph his movement, making sure he is always focused, making sure he notices any of Teddy's movements and counter-attacks, and making sure he is stepping completely with both feet and staying in front of Teddy. He is making sure his student is doing the correct stuff every single time. In the video below Teddy urges his student how important the eyes are. 

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How And Why To Use Your Eyes In A Fight

He says to his fighter Kenny "You're looking but you ain't seeing"  You have to see everything and watch your opponent. Teddy calls it taking a picture. Good eyes means you are ready for whatever opportunity that is available to you or ready for whatever may come. It means being relaxed but ready, not losing focus and not daydreaming.  You can read what's happening in real time. You have to see what is happening at the moment. 

Beginners in striking will often ask How do I know which strikes to throw? There is no way of knowing what to throw if you are not looking at your opponent. What it is, it's not guesswork like Teddy says it's scientific and proven stuff. It is not a choreography of moves that will automatically work, you have to be in the moment.

Breakdown of The Drill

A good quality drill shown in the video is to work the eyes for the padholder or training partner to present options like In the drill in the video Ken throws a jab and steps diagonally forward. Now if Teddy's elbows are down Ken should throw the next punch the right hook to the head. If Teddy's hand is up then the body is open so he should throw to the body. And these are 10th of a second decisions that will train your mind/eyes and shoot whenever needed. 

As Ken is stepping he has to have his shoulders cocked already not move and then load. So he's locked and loaded and ready to punch as soon as he takes that angle and not lose a 10th of a second.  


If someone is not looking at their opponent they will not understand what is presented to them in terms of openings and counters.

Now in the video Teddy urges his fighter to take both legs with him as his stepping diagonally because if he only takes one leg he will be stretched out and stuck and will not be able to move when needed. So after the punch Kenny will step the other way in case Teddy turns his right shoulder or disengage and shuffle out. The fighter has to be in control. Teddy says to Kenny he should be the driver of the peekaboo bus and have full control of decision making in any fight.

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