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Working The Double Jab By Rafael Cordeiro

Working The Double Jab By Rafael Cordeiro

There are different dimensions to fighting in combat sports, attacking, defending and counter striking. You have to amalgamate all three into your repertoire if you want to be successful. Developing an understanding of when to utilise each of these dimensions is a skill you need to master. 

As a fighter you need to stay in control of the fight whether you're attacking, defending or counter striking. Controlling the fight with your double jab is a great way to stay on top, using the double you can stay at a good range on your opponent. Even when your backing up and being defensive using the double jab can be quite annoying to your opponent. 


For this video Rafael Cordeiro shows us how to control the fight using the double jab, he explains exactly how useful this technique can be. Setting up your opponents with the double jab will give you a great advantage for when you want to throw a power cross, hook or uppercut.

Who Is Rafael Cordeiro? 

Rafael Cordeiro is a former Mixed Martial Artist and a 3 time Brazilian Muay Thai World Champion! He has trained many great fighters out of the famous Kings MMA Gym in California like Wanderlei Silva, Fabricio Werdum and Rafael Dos Anjos. He also trained the Great Iron Mike Tyson in his comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr. At the 2015 MMA awards Rafael Cordeiro won the award for the best coach and Kings MMA picked up the best Gym award in a clean sweep.

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How To Execute The Double Jab! 

In this video, Rafael Cordeiro explains his concepts on how to mix up your attacking with your defensive and counter striking abilities. He says you need a good balance of the three but you also need to know when you can use these effectively. He talks about how important the left jab is in controlling the fight, when you're attacking or when you're backing up.

As soon as you have control of the fight with your double jab that opens the door for you to land a big power shot with your right. Loading up on your cross or hook off the back of the double jab can be really quick and can catch your opponent off guard, especially if they are backing away from your jab.

If you're backing away from your opponent you can still use the double jab as a way to keep your opponent out of your range, that still gives you an opportunity to hit them with a powerful shot like an uppercut. 

Remember that with every step you shuffle forward, or backwards with, you must throw your jab. This acts like a spring as you deliver the jab, then jab again, you can then load up and spring into your power shot off your right hand! 

You don't have to throw heavy jabs, this will slow you down and you will become predictable. Instead throw really quick jabs, be light on your feet and remember to use speed then power.

Now you can see why Rafael is one of the best coaches in the world, so use these lessons he has taught and develop your double jab so you can be the best fighter you can be! 

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