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There are many forms of Martial Arts that can be extremely effective in the modern age. Most athletes will either train in a striking art, or a grappling art, with some of the most popular forms being boxing, kick boxing, wrestling, judo, and jiu jitsu. Not all athletes have the time to head into an academy, or the money to pay the academy fees, so they will simply look up online content, and practice Martial Arts techniques from the confines of their own home. Although this may not be the most ideal way to become professional in a combat sport, it still has a lot of validity in helping people become highly effective with a form of Martial Art. 

In modern society street crime is extremely high, with the number of violent acts seeming to be rising around the globe. This means that people must learn how to defend themselves if they want to remain safe, or protect the lives of their loved ones. Street fighting has always been a part of human history, as many people, especially young people will engage in stupid, and violent acts committed against each other. This just means people need to arm themselves with knowledge, skills, and athleticism, so they are capable of dealing with any situation they may find themselves in. One of the most common questions asked in Martial Arts is who would win between boxing vs wrestling, and in most cases a street fighter will use random striking, and concepts of wrestling to control their opponent on the street.

What this article covers:


Boxing is one of the most popular forms of combat in the United States of America, and the rest of the world. Boxing is an art form that dates back thousands of years, and was once an extremely brutal fight to the death, back in ancient Greek times. Due to the evolution of the sport, and after the Romans took hold of Greek boxing, many different rule sets were added to help modernise the sport. Further innovations along the way were implemented, before finally reaching the shores of America, and England. Boxing was once an illegitimate sport that was seen as a criminal enterprise, and fights were often broken up by the authorities in a bid to put an end to this barbaric, and bloody bare knuckled contest. After some further adjustments to the art, boxing finally was legitimised at the turn of the twentieth century, as many up and coming athletes would start to train to become professional boxers. 

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boxer vs wrestler street fight

The art of boxing incorporates a series of fundamental movements designed to infiltrate the range of an opponent, before executing powerful, and accurate punches. Boxers will always weigh up speed vs power boxing, as they look to implement a balanced ratio of both of these aspects into their game style. Boxers use an incredible system of footwork, which allows them to move in a lateral direction, or diagonally in a forward and backwards motion, which is how they usually trap their opponents in the pocket.  Boxers are notorious for their head movement, as their evasive maneuvers will enable them to dodge punches, and counter strike with fast, powerful, and accurate punches.

Boxers are well known for their hard hitting punches, as well as the efficiency rate of striking they possess. A boxer likes to close the distance so they can get in close, and execute a high level of combination punches. Fundamentals of boxing are extremely important, as they are used to step in and out of range, so they can attack their opponent, but also evade counter strikes. All punches that boxers will use generate a significant amount of power through their core, which starts from their feet. A prime example of this is a boxer will roll underneath a punch, before pivoting on their back foot and rotating their hips, which gives them an extreme amount of power through their core, as they land significant punches like a body hook, or an uppercut. There are so many upsides to the art of boxing, and training to become a professional athlete takes patience, consistency, hard work, and perseverance.


Street fighting has become an epidemic in the modern age of society, and many young people think that they are tough, and will commonly engage in violent acts against their fellow men, or women. This may be a simple act of bullying, or even more dangerous acts of assault, robbery, and even worse and more heinous acts. Not all street fighters though are just randomly violent people that seem to want to attack the members of society, instead they will rely upon their own athleticism, and their own knowledge of fighting to become formidable at what they do.  There have been many underground fight clubs, which have housed competitive events between different street fighters. New York was notorious for this style of fighting, as the early art of boxing led to many unsanctioned, and underground fight events.

Street fighters will commonly engage in a style very similar to boxing, as they are looking to injure their opponents with hard and fast punches. Street fighters can be extremely unpredictable, and will commonly switch between orthodox boxing vs southpaw boxing stances in a bid to confuse their opponents.  The nature of a street fighter is one of very little integrity, as most of them are quick to grab weapons, or use gang up methods. Street fights can be an extremely dangerous scenario, and if someone finds themselves in the middle of a real life conflict, they need to know how to handle themselves. There are elements of fear in the hearts of street fighters, which is why they turn to weapons, rather than using the natural weapons that their body possesses.


Nowadays there is a divide between how Martial Arts is taught, as some forms will teach competitive sports systems, while others teach a more fundamental basis of self defense techniques. Techniques taught in self defense are more brutal by their nature, as they will often incorporate life ending maneuvers. In a street fight it is important to severely dispose of an assailant, compared to the more friendly nature of two athletes competing in sport. Boxing as a competitive sport will always stick to the rules, as they are training to enhance their abilities inside of the ring. A street fighter on the other hand will be using more dangerous methods like eye gouging, biting, using weapons, or groin strikes as a way to neutralise, and finish off their opponents. There is a place for street fighting, as most military organisations utilise hand to hand combat forms that are extremely dangerous, and can render an opponent dead, or disfigured.

Most forms of combat started off as extremely tough hand to hand combative forms. There have been many wars in history, as both sides in the battle have utilised their own form of hand to hand combat, which was the beginning of all different styles of Martial Art. Along the road of evolution, each of these brutal styles of combat have been filtered, and watered down to fit into modern society. This means that many rule sets were introduced to reign in the brutality of these forms of combat. Nowadays when athletes are learning to box to become a professional athlete, they may be missing out on some of the more important aspects, which are the self defense principles, and in the common day this seems to be much more important than becoming the best fighter inside of the ring. In a street fight an assailant can simply pull out a gun and end the fight, which means all of a professional athlete's training can be for nothing, when it comes down to real life conflict scenarios.


Training is extremely important so that an athlete can build up a series of intricate skills, in order to best serve their competitive sport. In the UFC there are matchups between boxing vs karate, wrestling vs kick boxing, and pure boxing vs ufc fighters, and if athletes are not prepared mentally, or physically they will effectively lose their fights. This is why building up a consistent training regime is extremely important, and training in skills, cardio, agility, and strength are all non negotiable elements of any Martial Art. In boxing, training sessions can be grueling, but they are indeed necessary, so they can enhance many aspects of their fight game. Gaining significant ability in the striking game involves punching focus mitts, and boxing bags to help build up resilience, accuracy, power, and fluency. It is also important to engage in full contact sparring, so each athlete gets a real taste of what combat inside of the ring will be like.

Training is a form of exercise that becomes increasingly important for all people in society. It is a proven fact that increasing an athlete's ratio of exercise will only increase the amount of endorphins inside their brain, which can effectively improve their memory, and reduce their anxiety and depression. Regular physical activity will also reduce the risk of any cognitive decline, which includes conditions like dementia. Training is also extremely good for the soul, as all people that engage in this type of training will be able to relieve their stress, and build a much more formidable sense of confidence, and self respect. These are all important factors for people that want to improve the quality of their life in both the mental, and the physical aspect.


In modern society there are very real elements of danger for many citizens that walk the streets, as people in each community have to deal with different violent acts. There are many fears that people will get robbed, abducted, abused, or attacked, and in most cases attackers will prey on the weak. This just proves that if people put significant time into self defense training, then they will most likely be able to avoid any dangerous situation on the street. Most street fights are random attacks, and are usually fueled by some form of motivation to the attacker. In a lot of cases the attacker is simply trying to rob someone, and will commonly go for a person they know they can defeat. The beauty of self defense is that no matter how big or small somebody is, they are still highly capable of defending themselves against an attacker.

One of the biggest components to becoming good at self defense is to build up cardiorespiratory endurance, and core strength.  These two elements can basically save somebody's life, as they will become extremely fit, and fast enough to run away, or perhaps even climb a tree. They will also need to possess enough strength to fend off an attacker, or possibly even win the fight. There is a common misconception out in the world today that self defense principles will work for everybody, and although they may seem like formidable technical movements, some of these aspects are just misguided and will not work for someone who is considerably weaker, or is too passive by their nature. The only way that any of these self defense techniques can actually work is if the person who learns them becomes fit, and strong, and puts in consistent training so that their bodies are conditioned for a real life fight scenario.


There are a few different elements to consider when weighing up who could win out of a boxer, and a street fighter. Some street fighters are extremely tough human beings who may easily rip apart a boxer in a street situation. Athletes like Kimbo Slice became notorious for street fighting, as he ravaged his way through many opponents on YouTube channels, before becoming a professional Mixed Martial Artist. Street fighters have a considerable advantage over a boxer because they can fight dirty, and utilise all of the deadly tricks in the book. A street fighter can bite, eye gouge, fish hook, stomp the groin, use weapons, and even use illegal strikes to the back of the head, or other vital areas. This makes a street fighter an extremely dangerous proposition if a boxer was to take them on in a street altercation.

The big factor that goes in favour of a boxer is quite a simple concept. The fundamental understanding of trained versus untrained has been around for a long time, and means that an untrained fighter will be severely out of their depth against a trained fighter. Boxers have a massive advantage due to their extreme fight conditioning, and their considerable fight experience that they would bring into a street fight. Boxers have been under significant pressure on the big stage, and will be able to control their adrenaline dump. Even though a street fighter is more dangerous, a boxer is a whole nother level of danger. A boxer will be much more systematic, and able to get in close and utilise fast, accurate, and powerful punches, where a street fighter may lack the discipline, and the direction needed to put a boxer down.

Coach AJ Matthews has joined forces with DynamicStriking.com to bring you his special flavor of Thug Thai!

who would win a boxer or wrestler

Even though a street fighter has a massive advantage in a lot of aspects due to their unpredictable nature, the winner of this fight would be a boxer more times than not. A boxer is just too powerful, and has too many systematic tricks that they have mastered under their belt. A street fighter is unpredictable, and has an unorthodox style, which means they will be prone to making common mistakes that a boxer already knows how to expose. A boxer is lightning fast, and can identify their opponents movements, and know when to throw certain punches. A street fighter may be able to take the fight to the ground, but the boxer has technical skills in takedown defense, and knows how to stay out of range so they can execute a significant amount of force within their punches.

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