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Boxing Combo And Countering With A Low Kick By Karim Ghajji!

Boxing Combo And Countering With A Low Kick By Karim Ghajji!


Karim Ghajji is a world champion kickboxer having fought in multiple high level promotions such as Glory and Bellator! In this video Karim Ghajji shows one of his favorite boxing combinations and how to use a low kick to counter punches from his Quick Fire Combinations Kickboxing Techniques instructional!


Karim Ghajji starts his combination with a jab, the jab can be used to probe the range and test the waters of your opponents defense, to close the distance for follow up strikes or even used defensively to maintain space. Karim uses his jab to then set up his right cross. From Ghajji’s right cross, Karim then throws a left hook. The three strikes each set up the next, a quick jab loads the body to fire a hard right cross that then loads the body to rip a tight hook to the head. After the left hook Karim throws a right uppercut and follows it by one more left hook, the right uppercut sets up the hook by lifting the head of your opponent out of their guard.

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Karim shows two ways to throw this combination, adjusting the cadence to make it slightly different. He shows he can throw it jab, cross, left hook, slight pause, then throws his right uppercut into his left hook. The other way he throws it is in one long chain without any pause at all! Adjusting the cadence of your combinations is a great way to get your opponent to make an opening without them realizing it. A lot of times people can get a read on your go to combinations and the way you throw them, so putting a slight pause somewhere in your attack can disrupt your opponents timing and give you an opening to land your shot! 

Now onto countering! Karim Ghajji shows how to use head movement and a low kick to counter your opponents punches from a southpaw stance!


To start, Karim Ghajji switches his stance, as the opponent throws a jab Karim can parry it with his lead hand, catch it on his back hand, or if he knows he is out of range from the opponent he can let them just throw it and be ready to defend the next strike. The opponent then throws a right cross, Karim slips to the outside of the punch and as the opponent's hand is coming back to his guard, Ghajji throws his counter, a rear leg left low kick to his opponent's back right leg! 

Using low kicks is an excellent way to counter your opponents boxing, when throwing punches, your weight is loaded onto your legs making them a prime time to throw a leg kick. In this counters case the opponent's rear leg is heavy as he throws and retracts his right hand, making it difficult to check Karim's kick counter!

Low kicks can counter just about any punch if your timing is correct, you do not want to throw your low kick as you are being punched as that will compromise your base because you will have one leg in the air as you are being smashed by a punch but if you can kick them right before they throw and connect their punch or immediately after the punch by either avoiding it or absorbing the strike and countering right back immediately without any pause.

Quick Fire Combinations by Karim Ghajji

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