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Breaking Down The Cross With Aurelien Duarte

Breaking Down The Cross With Aurelien Duarte


In striking the cross is known by many names, Straight Cross, #2, Back reverse punch etc. We have seen it thrown in every striking exchange in just about every fight ever televised. This punch is the sister to the Jab and is often the punch that is considered the “Power Punch”.

Why is it that some fighters when they throw a Cross, they get a clean knock out or obtain a knockdown. Yet others land and just jostles the opponent's head? The answer is technique. There are subtle nuances to each strike, and the Cross is not different.

To get great form one needs to practice and drill. Punches need to not only be thrown in combinations or aimlessly hitting a bag. They need to be done slowly and correctly. The old saying that slow is smooth and smooth is fast has never been truer than when striking.

Micro drilling is a great way to achieve perfect form. Micro drilling is the concept of breaking movements down into smaller steps, then slowly building those individual steps on top of each other to create seamless motion. Perfection is the goal, and micro drilling is a great way to achieve it.

Let us have former Muay Thai champion, and coach Aurelien Duarte show you how to break down the Cross or Straight Punch as he refers to it in the video below!


Key points to building a great cross.

  •       Start with Just your arm muscles. Bicep and Tricep pushing your fist forward and rotating
  •       Add in the torso twist. Start with no arm just taking your trail shoulder and switching it to the lead shoulder. This should be a rotation of your abdomen.
  •       Add the Arm and Torso twist together
  •       Last piece: add the legs. Drive with the trail leg.
  •       Heel should raise and drive with toes. (if you have a partner holding the mitts, hold the position and have them add negative pressure to your punching arm. Notice the resistance should be felt all the way to the toes!)

The last part of this video shows how in tune Aurelien is with his striking. He ask you the practitioner to relax and take a few moments to breathe. He is attempting to bring awareness to the changes your body might feel because of this new motion. This is known in the world of Meditation as Mindfulness.

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 Mindfulness is a great concept for fighters. It forces them to accept challenges they may face within themselves. This part of the fight game is so often overlooked but is a powerful tool that all top athletes in every sport are starting to recognize.

It comes as no surprise that the former World Champion is also a life coach in his home country of France, but teaches to corporate executives all over the world. He takes his knowledge of combat and self-awareness and helps others strengthen themselves. Both personally and professionally.

Creating Muay Thai Connections by Aurelien Duarte

This is such a welcomed new approach to teaching. There is more such teaching in his new instructional series found below. From the concepts of Micro-drilling basic movements, to his methods of deep relaxation. We have never seen an instructional address both the body and mind the way this one does.Check it out!