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Brutal Combos With Dave Leduc

Brutal Combos With Dave Leduc

Dave Leduc is currently the Golden Belt holder. There are many belts that recognize a Champions but the individual that holds the top spot in Lethwei is Dave Leduc. There are a few different promotions that have Lethwei matches but the Golden Belt is more of a National Title than one that is made for a promotion.

The Golden Belt is the open weight champion and most beloved fighter in all of Myanmar. Myanmar has to be the only country on the planet that has a combat sport as it’s national sport. Millions of people find ways to watch Lethwei matches and the most watched matches are that of Dave Leduc.

What is exciting about Lethwei is it is Part bare knuckle boxing, with hint of Muay Thai then if that was not brutal enough, sprinkle in headbutts and slams for good measure and you get the most amazing, brutal and real fighting style in the world.

Lethwei is also one of the oldest fighting styles that is still holding out. Matches can be traced all the way back to the 2nd century during the Pyu Empire.

With all the different weapons available to a fighter it opens many options for striking. Being that the only way to win in Lethwei is Via Knockout or a Doctors stoppage throwing big shots in succession is necessary.

In MMA and Muay Thai, Elbows are often a one shot and reset type of blow. More often than not the elbow is thrown while on the cage or while the fighters are exiting a clinch. Every now and then you might even see a spinning elbow get pulled off and the results are devastating.

Dave Leduc is known for his insane pad work and bag work at Tiger Muay Thai. For the fighters at one of the most prominent Muay Thai Gyms in the world to think Dave’s bag work is insane is a statement! Dave knows he has to land hard shots back to back, and he also knows that if he can score a big cut with an elbow that increases his chances of a Doctors stoppage.

Check this 7 strike combo that Dave has put together. With good footwork Dave is able to keep his distance where he can both throw hard hooks and two elbows, as if one was not enough!


The combo starts off in a classic Boxing combo. Jab , Cross, (Step in) Uppercut. Now that his distance was closed for that uppercut and if he did the upper cut correctly the right shoulder is cocked and loaded.

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Dave Uncorks the elbow, then gets back to boxing, Weave the incoming hook, Cross, Hook and instead of a big overhand right like boxing, Dave uses that cocked shoulder to fire off another crushing elbow.

Things to be mindful of is the distance and footwork. When Dave weaves under the hook he is not taking a large sidestep with his back foot. He is moving 4-6 inches laterally and immediately returning with the cross again.

Imagine getting hit with an elbow, whiffing on a cross and getting pieced up then getting hit with another elbow! Then to make matters worse Dave could throw a headbutt in there just for good measure. Lethwei is not for the feint of heart.

To inspire more creativity while striking Dave has put together a fundamentals of Lethwei Instructional. He covers all you can imagine to get started with this brutal sport. It is also good for anyone looking to spice up their Muay Thai or MMA striking as it offers a unique approach to bag work and combos as you can see in the video above.

Did I mention he covers headbutts?

It is awesome!

Foundation of Lethwei by Dave Leduc

Check it out HERE!