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Catch and Counter Tips by Morgan Charriere

Catch and Counter Tips by Morgan Charriere


Morgan Charriere is a professional Mixed Martial Artist from France fighting out of team Chapa Quente in Mantes la Jolie. Morgan Charriere is currently fighting for Cage Warriors and has an impressive record of 15-7! Here, Morgan shows how to use an inside low kick to stop an advancing opponent and how to follow up with strikes from the low kick!



As Morgan Charriere's opponent closes the distance with a straight left hand, Morgan looks to slip to the outside of the strike and simultaneously counter with an inside lead leg left kick to stop the opponent's momentum. This is doing two things for Charriere, it is taking his head and body off the centerline of the opponents straight attack as well as stopping the opponent's momentum by crashing into his legs with a low kick. 

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As soon as Charriere lands that inside low kick he is looking to position his lead leg on the inside of his opponents lead leg, this will put Morgan in position to follow up with his next strike. Charriere then throws a hook to the opponent's liver and with the same hand, comes back up high to hit the opponent with a left hook to the head. This left hook then sets Morgan Charriere up to throw a rear leg right high kick to the opponent's head! 

Morgan Charriere then shows a tip to help land the high kick. If you are not flexible enough to stand in tight and land that kick, Charriere shows that on your left hook to the head you should move your feet to the left (your opponents right) to make space for your hips to throw that left kick, otherwise you will probably be too close to the opponent and jam yourself on your high kick. Another option Morgan shows is to put your right kick to the opponents body instead of the head. The reason for putting the kick to the body instead of the head is because the opponent may be covering their head with a tight guard from your last hook, should you notice this, their body will be open to land a hard kick to the ribs!

The cadence on this combination can be altered as well! Morgan Charriere shows that you can throw it left kick, liver hook, head hook, head kick: 1, 2, 3, 4. Or you can throw it 1, 2, 3, slight pause then 4. Varying the cadence of your combinations (especially if you have already landed that same combination once and your opponent is now savvy to your game) can make openings for your strikes that may not be there otherwise!

To finish the combination Morgan Charriere shows that if you landed those strikes, your opponent is probably hurt so continue following them with attacks, one such option he can do is after he throws his right kick he can then throw a right cross and another hook to the body. What you throw after does not matter as much as long as you keep up the attack once you have injured the opponent! 

What makes this combination so great is that it does not follow the normal pattern of: left, right, left, right, etc. It triples up on the left side to then set up a knockout strike on the right. People get pretty used to opponents throwing one side then the other so a good tactic is to double and triple up on one side to confuse the attacker, making it harder for them to predict your next strike. Morgan Charriere does this superbly here by throwing a left low kick, left liver hook, then a left hook to the head. He does not only triple up the side he attacks but varies the heights as well. This is key when fighting high level opponents who have ingrained muscle memory responses to defend themselves without having to think!

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