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Catch and Counter  Tips By Morgan Charriere

Catch and Counter Tips By Morgan Charriere


Morgan “The Last Pirate” Charriere is French fighter fighting out  of Team Chapa Quente located in France with a Pro MMA record of 15-7-1. Here Coach Morgan Charriere shows one of his favorite combinations to practice countering the opponents jab!



To start, Coach Morgan Charriere wants to counter the opponents jab with a rear overhand. As the opponent throws their jab to Coach Charriere’s head, Morgan slip the inside of the jab while throwing a big rear overhand as he steps into his slip, making his evasion and counter simultaneous. Coach Morgan says your timing must be good so you do not run into their punch, to do this he will wait for the jab. To entice the opponent to jab out at his face, Coach Charriere will put his hands down and stick his face out a little bit to encourage a response from the opponent as well as throwing quick inside leg kicks to bother them. 

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Coach Morgan Charriere  says to not stand in too close to the opponent, if you are too close they may be quick with their jab and hit you before you can evade it, instead he stands out at the end of their range and as they step on their jab, Coach Morgan steps in on his slip overhand counter to close the distance and put his weight into the overhand so it causes a lot of damage. Coach Charriere does not want to just clip them with the overhand, he wants to smash their face with it and do damage. To do the most damage with this punch you want your body weight powering it, so that step on your slip will help move your body, putting more momentum into the punch.

Once you have thrown your slip overhand counter, your body is in a good position to rip a hard liver shot to the opponent. Because your rear overhand puts your rear shoulder to your lead hip, this in turn loads your body weight into the lead leg and cocks your lead arm back naturally without having to drop it away from your guard. From this loaded position Coach Morgan Charrier can explode up from the lead leg and dig his lead hand body hook into the opponent's liver. Once the liver hook has landed Coach Morgan shows that he likes to then throw a rear leg roundhouse kick to the opponents leg, this is a natural follow up to the liver hook because the action of turning your hips into the hook with load the weight back into your rear leg, giving it weight to push off the ground and land a hard leg kick. 

A variation Coach Morgan Charriere then demonstrates is that after you slip the jab and land your overhand, instead of lowering your level all the way and exploding into a liver hook, he can instead step to the side slightly with his rear leg and throw a lead leg roundhouse kick to either the opponents liver or the head. The last variation Coach Charriere shows is still throwing the inside slip overhand, then throwing your liver hook to outside rear leg kick like the first variation, but this time he finishes with a lead kick to the head after the leg kick. This will keep your opponent busy protecting all over their body, going from head, body, leg, head keeps the opponent actively trying to play catch up so it is harder for them to counter back at you. 

The last drill Coach Morgan shows is to develop the timing for the slip overhand. What you do is you have your opponent throw their jab, you time your step into the inside slip overhand, then you step back and reset your stance then immediately do again, hammering the timing into your body so it is a natural movement that you just do without having to put thought into it. Once you feel comfortable with slipping and hitting with your overhand, you then add the next pieces of the combination such as your liver hook or lead leg kick, then you add the next piece after that, whatever you feel is best, Coach Morgan Charriere says you decide what you think should go next, this way you are practicing what you will most likely naturally do in that real situation!

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