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Connecting Feints And Strikes By Randy   Steinke

Connecting Feints And Strikes By Randy Steinke

In Boxing terminology a feint is a movement with deceptive intention, It’s when you pretend to move one way but then move in another. A fighter that has the ability to combine this kind of movement with some slick and powerful striking, will be an extremely dangerous opponent to face in the cage. 

The benefits of mastering the feint is you will create vulnerabilities in your opponent and expose them to some of your well planned strikes. Throwing the fake, or pretending to go for the body then switching to the head, are all feints that can have you beating your opponent mentally. So even if they are bigger and faster than you, using feints to connect with your striking will put you in the superior position.

In this video Randy Steinke shows us a great set of techniques to help land punches on your opponent. Randy explains the Change up and how he executes this by setting it up with the fast ball, which is a fast jab that sets up the cross to the body. This is a seriously great way to get in close to your opponent and use your full force and rotation.

Who Is Randy Steinke?

Randy Steinke is a professional Mixed Martial Artist holding a record of 19 wins 12 losses and 1 draw. He is the head MMA, Muay Thai and kickboxing coach at Paragon MMA in the United Kingdom. Randy has a bachelors in Kinesiology and health science, through his experience and knowledge he has developed a system that makes you extremely hard to hit using footwork, timing and execution.

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Check Out The Video Below! 


Randy sets up this technique by throwing the ‘fast ball’ which is basically just a fast jab to the head, then he steps in for the cross to the body. If your opponent tenses up then get right back on them and hit them with another jab and cross.

Now you can mix in the change up which is using a high feint then level change to low before rotating, to put yourself in a better position to hit them with full rotation and power from your body hook or cross.

Randy describes this like a five hit combo, 5 micro managed motions! First you feint high then you feint low, then rotate to your left and throw the left hook to the body, followed by the right cross to the body or head. 

Using feints you have to be quick on your toes, faking your opponent with slight movements then rotating past them like lightning to set up dynamic body shots. Using Randy’s techniques, repetition will be your best friend, turning this technique into an instinct is how you want to develop it.

Now that you have got some insight into Randy Steinke and his system of striking, get to the gym and develop these movements and you too will have many successes inside the cage!

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