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Controlling The Clinch And Setting Up Strikes By Dave Leduc

Controlling The Clinch And Setting Up Strikes By Dave Leduc


The clinch is often where a fight is lost, whether it is in the cage or the ring or even in a streetfight. Most fights turn into a scrap which then becomes a battle of the clinch. The person who wins the fight is the one that can gain the upper hand inside the clinch, the best way to do this is by unbalancing your opponent so you can execute strikes or takedowns.

When you have an opponent in a necktie that usually means they have one on you, or at least an opportunity to get one on you. So the battle of the clinch is real and the fighter to get control first will always have a much higher chance of winning the fight. So when you put a necktie on your opponent make sure it is strong and you're blocking any attempt by your opponent with your free hand.

In this video Dynamic Striking has brought legendary Dave Leduc to show you his brutal style of fighting. He shows you a really effective way to get your opponent off balance and then utilise self defense techniques like a headbutt combined with an elbow!

So Why Should We Learn From Dave Leduc?

You're in good hands learning from the legendary Dave Leduc, his notoriety is widespread throughout the fighting community. Dave Leduc is a Canadian Lethwei fighter and is the current WLC Cruiserweight World Champion! He is also the undefeated champion in the Openweight division under traditional rules. Dave Leduc also competes in Burmese Bare Knuckle Boxing and is the first ever non-Burmese person to win a Lethwei Golden Belt by defeating Tun Tun Min who was considered the number one fighter in the world. 

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Check Out Dave Leduc On The Video Below Teaching His Brutal Techniques!


Dave Leduc begins this video explaining how to unbalance and break the posture of your opponent in the clinch. If you don’t keep your legs in a strong position your opponent will take advantage, and you could end up on the canvas fast!

Unbalancing Your Opponent!

The first thing you need to do is set up a necktie on your opponent with your lead hand, if he has a necktie on you that’s okay just grab hold of his elbow that will help you steer him. As you step your lead leg in you must grip on your opponent’s neck and pull his neck away from his body, this creates a slight twist in your opponent. At the same time with your lead leg push into your opponent's lead thigh, this creates unbalance in your opponent. 

Sometimes this unbalancing is enough to steer your opponent straight to the mat where you can set up a submission or ground and pound them. In other cases you have a great position now to land some powerful strikes.

Striking Your Opponent!

Now you have your opponent where you want them and you can use this clinch technique to land self defense strikes like a head butt followed by a fast elbow, this will be sure to knock out your opponent!

This also translates into professional fighting where you would not deliver the head butt instead you would pull your opponent straight into your elbow. You could also pull them towards you and drive your knee deep into their midsection or head to deliver a knockout. There are many options when striking in the clinch that’s why it is such a versatile position.

Be sure to practise these techniques in your gym or at your home, the importance of controlling the clinch is insurmountable and inevitably will determine the outcome of your confrontation. Now you have seen Dave Leduc in action and what he has to offer will help you considerably, so get on board and look for his videos and other videos from Dynamic Striking!

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