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Counter Striking With Elbows And Knees By Cheick Kongo

Counter Striking With Elbows And Knees By Cheick Kongo


Muay Thai fighters are well known for their striking from the clinch, they develop their elbows and knees so they can land devastating blows. There are systems in place to execute functional Muay Thai strikes, some of the most brutal attacks come from a counter strike scenario. 

To counter strike efficiently you need to be well versed in developing your fighting systems, this can only happen if you put in the hard work. Understanding the range between you and your opponent is a skill you will acquire with dedication and expert instruction. If a fighter throws a punch at you, then you have to learn the ability to block or slip that punch at close proximity so you can land effective counter strikes. 

That’s why Dynamic Striking has brought to you one of the most formidable strikers on the planet in Cheick Kongo, to share his knowledge of kickboxing and MMA striking. He shows us how he lands different types of counter strike elbows as well as landing knees inside the clinch.

Who Is Cheick Kongo? 

The French born Cheick Kongo is a professional Mixed Martial Artist and former kickboxer. He is currently ranked #3 in the heavyweight division for Bellator MMA, he is also a veteran who formerly fought in the UFC. He has a professional fight record of 30 wins, 11 losses and 2 draws. Cheick Kongo has had notable wins over MMA greats like Mirko Filipovic, Pat Barry, Matt Mitrione and Alexander Volkov.

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Check Out Cheick Kongo In The Video Below Working Counter Strikes!


Cheick Kongo starts this video off by explaining how to inflict more damage on your opponent, he talks about two different types of damage. When you are looking for a way to end the fight you can try and cut your opponent, or you can go for a harder and more painful strike. 

Cutting Your Opponent!

To cut your opponent means; to open up a cut on your opponent’s face by landing a sharper strike. Throwing an elbow like it was a samurai sword and grazing it across the bridge of the eyes, will open up cuts very quickly. If a fighter receives a cut over the eye, it will bleed quickly and make it significantly harder to see clearly.  There is also a chance the referee will call off the fight due to a doctor stoppage. 

Going For More Damage!

Another option when you are exchanging blows, is to go for a more solid strike. So rather than grazing with your elbow you need to connect more directly with your opponent. Putting all your weight behind the elbow and driving the elbow into your opponent’s face, this will cause more damage and is more likely to create a knockout. 

Technique Wrap Up!

The Up Elbow!

  • Your opponent throws the left jab towards your head.
  • Use your right hand to parry the jab to the inside of your body.
  • At the same time you parry, raise your left arm and use your elbow to connect to your opponent’s head in an upward motion. 

You can use this elbow in a cutting motion, or you can drive it harder at your opponent with all your weight behind it. Another option with this finish is you can aim for your opponent’s solar plexus, this can be a really painful strike to be on the receiving end of.

Right Arm Elbow!

  • Your opponent throws the left jab towards your head.
  • Use your right hand to parry the jab to the inside of your body.
  • Now you can use your right arm elbow to roll over the top of your opponent’s left arm and land the elbow right across their face.

This elbow can also be a grazing elbow aimed to cut your opponent, or you can put more force into it by using more of your forearm. Either way it is going to hurt your opponent. 

Another good option that you can utilise is grabbing your opponent’s neck in a Thai Clinch, you can do this straight after your initial parry or you can do this after you land an elbow. Once you have your opponent in the clinch you can throw knees to the body with either leg or even aim for their head.

Developing these fundamentals of striking will no doubt improve your fighting skills, so get in quick and start practising these techniques and you will be landing elbows and knees on your opponents. 

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