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Developing A Better Body Shot With Teddy Atlas

Developing A Better Body Shot With Teddy Atlas

Body shots win fights—just ask Micky Ward or Bas Rutten. It doesn’t matter if it’s a strike to the sternum or slap to the liver, taking a hard shot to the body takes its toll and can change the course of a contest in the striker’s favor. 

The body shot may not be as revered as a well-executed headshot by spectators, fighters know how much a punch under the ribs can slow an opponent down (or slow the fighter down if they catch a clean shot). It’s a great way to take away the stamina of the other fighter—no matter how aggressive they are at first—and sap their punching power in later rounds (if the fight goes to later rounds, that is). 

In this video, world-renowned boxing trainer Teddy Atlas shows one of his favorite body counterpunches that will “put some water in the basement” of your opponent, as Atlas would say—The Cupid.   


The Cupid Punch

“We’re not using arrows, we’re using an uppercut,” Atlas said. 

While not as cute as the little guy who shoots the arrows, this punch is sure to be a heartbreaker. The cupid punch is most effective as a counterpunch because the fighter is giving an opening to their body when they throw a jab or a hook, according to Atlas.

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Essentially, this punch is a version of a right uppercut to the bottom of the opponent’s rib cage on the left side of their body. A well-landed shot can daze the opponent and give the fighter a chance at a second shot their opponent never saw coming, or even be a showstopper itself.  

“What it [the cupid punch] does is...it really halts the guy’s progress. It stuns a guy long enough to catch him up top or if you want something else downstairs, “ Atlas said. “But, if you catch the guy right it will halt the guy, like stopping a train in its track.” 

Getting The Punch

Atlas said the cupid punch is a perfect equalizer against an aggressive opponent. All you have to do is set a trap for them and allow them to come to you. 

To pull off this punch, Atlas advises drawing your opponent forward to throw a jab toward you and then slightly ducking (dodging the jab) while dropping your right shoulder in a staggered stance. Aim your uppercut directly under the opponent’s heart (lower left side of their body) and send that arrow straight below your opponent’s heart, said the trainer. Make sure to not draw your arm back before throwing the uppercut, warns Atlas. The shot needs to be fast and precise to be effective. 

“There are so many things [the cupid punch] can lead to ,” Atlas said. “The main thing is, it’s the start...it’s not the finish.”

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