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Developing Tricks To Setup The Clinch By Chael Sonnen

Developing Tricks To Setup The Clinch By Chael Sonnen


In MMA and other combat sports setting up a powerful clinch is one of the most effective ways to attack the knockout on your opponent. Utilising the Thai clinch will not only slow your opponent’s attacks down but it will give you great opportunities to attack with elbows or knees. 

Now it’s not as easy as just grabbing a clinch, you must utilise good techniques in order to bait your opponent. Setting up the clinch can happen a number of different ways, and practising as many setups as you can will give you an incredible advantage in the stand up against your opponent. 

For this video Dynamic Striking has brought to you Chael Sonnen so he can explain the importance of a powerful clinch. He shows us a few of his tricks for when he is trying to set up his opponent inside the clinch. He shows us how to utilise the double neck grip, the single neck grip and a sneaky way to bait his opponent into giving up the clinch.

Why Trust Chael Sonnen?

Chael Sonnen is a former UFC veteran who fought in both Middleweight and Light Heavyweight divisions,  with an MMA record of 30 wins 18 losses and 1 draw. Chael has also fought in WEC, Pancrase and Bellator MMA promotions and he is the founder of Submission Underground (SUG) which is a widely popular submission wrestling promotion. Chael Sonnen is famous for his trash talking and getting under the skin of his opponents. Chael has fought many greats with wins against Michael Bisping, Mauricio Shogun Rua, Wanderlei Silva and Quinton Rampage Jackson. 

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Check Out Chael Sonnen Showing His Clinch Techniques In The Video Below! 


Chael Sonnen explains the fundamentals of the clinch and what kind of strikes you can execute when you have your opponent in this position. He talks about minimising the options of your opponent by utilising a strong clinch grip.

Double Neck Grip!

Firstly Chael talks about the double neck grip and how it’s a really strong position, he shows us that by placing both of your hands behind your opponent’s neck in a traditional Thai grip can be extremely effective. Once you have secured this grip you can easily throw knees to the body and drop your opponent down on the canvas.

Single Neck Grip!

Chael talks about the single grip as one of his favourite positions because it gives him an extra weapon in attacking his opponent. The single grip is secured by placing one hand on the back of your opponent’s neck in a half Thai clinch. This allows you to still throw the knee to the body, but also opens up an option for you to pull your opponent forward so you can fire off punches or deadly elbow attacks with your free hand.

Setting Up The Clinch!

When you are trying to connect to the clinch the most likely outcome will have you in a pummel style position with your opponent. The pummel position consists of an overhook with your left arm, with an underhook with your right arm. Now you have this position it is as easy as using your overhook to simply slide up to your opponent’s neck to tightly secure the single neck grip.

Another good trick to use when trying to set up the clinch is to shoot for a double leg takedown but leave one hand high above his shoulders. As your opponent moves back and low to defend the takedown they become susceptible, as you can then easily use your high hand to secure the single neck grip. 

An important detail to remember and practise when your sparring is to throw jabs and teep kicks this will help you identify your opponent’s range and make it easier to set them up for a strong clinch. 

These are great tips from Chael Sonnen about utilising powerful clinch grips. So hit the gym and rep these techniques with your training partners, and you will be well on your way to becoming a powerful striker out of the clinch! 

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