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Effective Combinations From Jean-Charles Skarbowsky

Effective Combinations From Jean-Charles Skarbowsky

Being able to change up your targets on the opponent as well as using feints to set up strikes is a high level skill used by the best to trick the opponent and open them up without the opponent even realizing they made a mistake until it is too late! 

Here, Jean-Charles Skarbowsky the legendary Muay Thai fighter with a record of over 70 wins shows how to use feints to the opponents head to open their body for a devastating liver hook!


To start off the combination, Coach Jean-Charles Skarbowsky throws a jab to the opponent’s head. Once the jab connects Coach Skarbowsky will look to throw a rear cross, but instead of throwing it with knockout power he either just shows it or lightly taps the opponent, this is to draw the opponent’s guard up high and tight. Using this blocking reaction to his benefit Jean-Charles uses the momentum from the feinted cross to lower his level and explode up into an uppercut to the opponent’s liver!

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Breaking down the combination further, the jab is the most common strike thrown in a fight and for good reason, your jab allows you to make openings and follow up with more hard hitting attacks. A common attack after the jab is to throw a rear cross, the jab is quick and sharp with little to no telegraphing so as to avoid being countered and it causes the opponent to block or move their head, opening them up to be hit by the more powerful rear cross. Once you establish your jab and you land your cross, the opponent starts respecting your rear hands power, now is a good time to fake the attack, drawing a defensive response from the opponent to land something to the body. 

So, same as before you throw your jab to set up your rear cross, the opponent sees you getting ready to throw that cross or you do actually throw it but just as smokescreen, something to distract them and keep their attention up high as you bend your knees and shift your body to your lead side leg, loading up the weight into your legs so you can explode back up in an unprotected liver hook. The liver is a good target because it can shut the opponent down if it lands. People can get rocked, even knocked out and get their wits back together and come back to win the fight, but if you can land shots to the liver and make the opponent’s body shut down, that is extremely difficult if not impossible to walk off in time to come back and win. 

Even if you do not hit the liver flush for a body shot knockout, repeated strikes to the liver area over the course of a fight is good insurance to drain the opponent, it takes energy to flex and withstand body shots so by the later rounds if you had been throwing them the whole fight your opponent will be very tired from absorbing your attacks and if you are lucky and hit flush, there is no conditioning for the liver so they will go down even if they do no want to!


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