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Escaping The Clinch With A Counter Strike Elbow From Liam Harrison

Escaping The Clinch With A Counter Strike Elbow From Liam Harrison


Usually when we talk about the elbow from the clinch, it's all about setting up the clinch and then utilising strikes. What can we do when our opponent has the dominant clinch on us? Breaking out of the clinch is one aspect, but to be successful you must also back it up with counter strikes.

There are various techniques you can use to break free from the clinch, many of these escapes you can execute elbows and knees from or even takedowns. The success of your counter strike relies heavily on the ferociousness of the escape. Typically when a fighter has you in the clinch you can bet it’s a strong hold and not so easy to escape from.

In this video Liam Harrison shows us why he is the man to learn from, his technique for breaking out of the clinch is hard and fast. Using a rough style of breaking out of the clinch is a formidable way to execute a heavy counter strike like an elbow.

Who Is Liam Harrison?  

Liam “The Hitman” Harrison is a professional Muay Thai fighter, The Hitman is one of the most combative and aggressive Muay Thai fighters in the United Kingdom. He is well known for his powerful left hook and his deadly leg kicks. Since the age of 17 Liam has been ranked the number 1 Muay Thai fighter in the UK. He won his first world title at age 19 and has since tallied a total of 8 world titles, He has an incredible fight record of 87 wins out of 115 fights, with 48 knockouts! 

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Liam Harrison Breaks The Clinch And Delivers An Elbow!


Liam starts this video by showing the strength of his opponents clinch, he shows us that you need some rough conduct in order to escape this hold. You can’t just expect to grab your opponent's arm and easily break the clinch; it takes a little more aggressiveness. 

When trying to escape the clinch, it’s not as easy as just swimming your arm inside to secure a clinch on them. Your opponent will not allow you to just slip your arm in, in most cases they will certainly block your attempt by closing in their elbow. 

According to ‘The Hitman’ he speaks about hard and fast! Meaning you must pull back on your opponents clinch arm hard and fast.

The Technique Breakdown!

The first thing you must do is protect yourself, because when you are in someone else's clinch that is a dangerous spot to be. When you are ready to execute this manoeuvre you must step your leg backwards at the same time you catch your opponent's wrist. As you catch the wrist, pull back hard and fast, this will create enough space for you to deliver a seriously dangerous elbow which will go undefended. 

Remember this important detail, You must catch the wrist not the arm, if you try and pull the arm back you will not be able to land a clear elbow. Another detail to remember is to step your leg back, this is very important as it does two things, 

  1. It creates space for you to work in. 
  2. It gives you the perfect stance to then drive the elbow at your opponent.

Use this lesson taught by one of Muay Thai’s royalty and start practising his techniques in striking from the clinch. Then you will be well on your way to rising to the top of your ranks!

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