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Fine-Tuned Warm Up Exercises With Artem Levin

Fine-Tuned Warm Up Exercises With Artem Levin

If you’re a combat sports athlete, no matter what sport you are doing, strengthening your legs is vital. Strong legs are the basis for pretty much any athlete endeavour, at least when it comes to sports that have you moving on your legs, which is most of them. 

This means that your legs not only require a lot of strength in them, if you want to be successful in combat sports you need to make sure your legs are explosive and have a ton of endurance. This means that you are going to need to do a lot of different exercises and get a lot of reps in of each exercise. 

Well we have a top level kickboxer who needs to have really strong legs to show us one of his favorite leg exercises that he likes to use in his warm ups.

In this video, Artem Levin is going to show us how he likes to use frog jumps in his warm ups. 

Who Is Artem Levin? 

Artem Levin is a Russian Kickboxer, Muay Thai and MMA fighter and is a former Glory Middleweight champion. As of 2020, he currently ranks as the number 5 Middleweight Kickboxer in the world. 

Frog Jump Warm Up For MMA


The exercise that Artem Levin shows in this video are frog jumps. This is an exercise that you’ve probably one before, especially if you’ve travelled around to different gyms. The frog jump is really simple to do.

First you get into what is basically the bottom position of the squat but instead of being flat on your feet you are on the balls of your toes. From here, instead of just squating up, you will how on the balls of your toes. 

You don’t want to jump up high, that’s not the goal of this exercise. You just want to quickly bounce off of the flow and land back down. 

This will feel pretty easy at first but, don’t worry, it will get much harder as you keep going. This is an exercise that is great at building endurance so it should be done with a high number of reps. 

Doing this exercise in the same place is a good place to start if you don’t have that much endurance. However in the video, ARtem does the exercise moving in different directions. This makes it a lot harder.

First Artem does frog jumps going forward down a line. When he reaches the end of the line he turns around and goes forward back to where he started from. 

He then does the same thing, only this time he goes backwards down the line and once he reaches the end trunks around and goes backwards again.

To end off Artem turns to the side and hops to his left down the line. Instead of turning around to go down left again Artem just goes to where he started hopping to his right side. If you want extra conditioning you can turn around and go both to your left and your right down and back. 

By the end of doing all these your legs should be burning. This is good for a warm up or even a finisher to a workout. 

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