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Greg Jackson Applying The Post And Rift For MMA

Greg Jackson Applying The Post And Rift For MMA


When dealing with MMA or other combat sports, understanding the distance between you and your opponent is crucial. Often fighters will throw punches or kicks that really have little bearing on controlling the space. Understanding deeper concepts that lull fighters into positions they don’t want to be in are pivotal.

Using certain punches as a trap to draw your opponent in closer is a great way to set up leg kicks that are more effective. When your opponent tries to block your left hook they actually change the weight and position of their leg, giving you a post that you can take advantage of by hitting them with a sharp leg kick. 

These days fighters are very punch conscious and for very good reason, as taking shots to your head will undoubtedly end your fight or even shorten your career. Often we see fighters in combat sports be very strategic in how they engage their opponents. When punching combinations are exchanged fighters will make sure they are blocking and evading shots, leaving them open to taking damage to their legs through heavy leg kicks.

That's why we have brought you one of the most premier striking coaches in the world to help show you that there are numerous ways to engage your opponent through great techniques.

In this video, Greg Jackson shows us how to use strikes to set up our opponent so they shift their weight enabling us to fire more efficient and damaging leg kicks.

Who Is Greg Jackson?

If you haven’t heard of Greg Jackson then you can rest assured knowing you are in good hands. Greg Jackson is one of the most experienced MMA coaches in the world, he co owns Jackson Wink MMA academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico which is considered one of the best MMA training centres in the world. He has trained some of the most exciting and successful UFC fighters to date including greats like Jon Jones, George St Pierre, Holly Holm and Rashad Evans.


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Setting Up The Post And Rift


Greg Jackson starts this video off by explaining how you can understand and utilize strategic concepts like the post and rift, and then be able to discover your own pathway using these concepts.

Most fighters will think they can catch you off guard and hit you with quick flurries leading to quick knockouts. In reality this is not always the case, it’s usually the fighter with the better technique and the more patient approach that sets up more efficient strikes.

Understanding your opponent and how they stack up defensively is an important process in identifying how you should attack with strikes. Baiting your opponent or forcing them to shift their weight will often give you an advantage in how you deliver your offensive strategy.

Greg Jackson demonstrates how to throw a jab then a left hook but explains how the left hook is only a bonus if it connects. When your opponent blocks the left hook they shift their weight onto their front foot leaving them highly exposed to a deadly leg kick.

Let’s break this down even further: 

  1. Your in your fighting stance, you throw a right jab and your opponent blocks it
  2.  You then throw a left hook at the face or the shoulder of your opponent but with enough force that it makes your opponent shift their weight onto their front foot.
  3. Now you have the opportunity to take a step out and throw the right outside leg kick

Using this technique causes your opponent to shift their weight in what's called a semi static post. This means they have their leg grounded with their weight planted into it leaving them unable to check any kicks that are thrown at the stationary leg. This is what Greg Jackson describes as moving around the post with the outside leg kick.

Now that you can understand this concept you will have more success in setting up your opponent for more strategic attacks.

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