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Hit Them In The Heart With Teddy Atlas

Hit Them In The Heart With Teddy Atlas

When it comes to slowing down your opponent’s movement and output, body punches are much more effective at doing that than punches to the head. Now, obviously getting punched in the head sucks and it can result in things like fractures, broken noses and getting knocked out, which is the ultimate way of stopping your opponent’s movement. 

However punches to the head for the most part do not slow down your opponent the way that punches to the body do. A punch to the body not only takes out the wind of your opponent but will actually take a massive toll on their stamina, which in return will slow down the movement of your opponent. 

For the most part to slow down your opponent, you need to land a fair amount of body shots. But sometimes all you need to do is land just one shot and you can completely stop an opponent in their tracks. 

If you want to be able to stop your opponent where they are like that, then you need to be precise with where you land your punches. That’s why we have a great boxing coach to show you how to stop your opponent so you can tee off on them.

In this video, Teddy Atlas goes over how to land a body shot he calls the Cupid, that will stop your opponent where they stand. 

Who Is Teddy Atlas?

If you're a striker and haven’t ever heard of Teddy Atlas before, then you really need to fix that. Teddy Atlas is a boxing coach, analyst and commentator who has been around for decades. He’s worked with countless legends of the sport like Mike Tyson, Micheal Moorer and many More. If you’re one of those people who hasn’t heard of him, do yourself a favor and do some film study on his fighters.

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How To Land The Cupid Body Shot And Stop Your Opponent 


The video starts off with an explanation of what the cupid body shot is. Despite it’s cute name, this shot is not a fun time, at least for the person taking it. The cupid is really just a right uppercut to just below the heart of your opponent. Aim for just under the pec muscle of your opponent.  

The reason that this body shot is great in particular is that it will basically stun your opponent. Getting punched in or around the heart is a really weird feeling. It basically forces your body to stop and process what is going on. 

This means that if you catch your opponent with this punch, you now have time to land some bigger shots, or move out of the way to catch your breath. 

This is a great shot to use if your opponent is either somebody who is able to move around really well. This is also a good shot to use against really aggressive fighters. This can stop them so that you can have some time to move and breathe. 

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