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How To Land The Inside Low Kick With Marlon Moraes

How To Land The Inside Low Kick With Marlon Moraes

Punches to distract followed up by low kicks. A tactic the Dutch Kickboxers used heavily in the golden era of striking the 90s to early 2000s K1 and earlier the Dutch Kickboxers used in the late 80s and early 90s used very successfully against the Thais. 

This works so well because of the stance to defend punches properly and the way to protect against kicks adequately are different. When punches are coming, you would want to be heavy

on your base and low and vision to be lower than the opponent; however, that makes it hard to check low kicks. The stance to defend kicks is generally high on your toes to lift the legs quickly and prevent kicks by checking them. Which makes it hard to defend punches by being that high

Marlon Moraes

Marlon Moraes is a former UFC bantamweight title contender. He is known for his speed, striking and explosiveness. He has been training Muay Thai from a very young age. He loves knockouts especially with his kicks. He has a knockout win with a switch kick over Alijmain Sterling the current champion as of this blog.

 The Technique

Here the video starts with Marlon Moraes explaining that if you are throwing a low lead leg kick to the opponent's lead leg, you need to be able to switch your legs fast after distracting the opponent with your punches. If not, then the opponent will time or counter the kick with a punch that could put you to the ground because you are off balance and might be perceived as a knockdown or it could knock you out.

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So this drill Marlon starts with any two punches then a lead low switch kick then two punches again to be safe and be back in a balanced stance. Also to intercept them going to your range after you do the combination. The follow up punches are also there to make sure that you are ready if the opponent counters the low kick. In the next part of the video, Markon drills a 1-2-left low kick, then follows up with punches. Marlon stresses to make sure that the opponent is anticipating a boxing style exchange , and the second they forget about legs, that's when you switch and land the kick. 

After the 1-2, the opponent will most likely be on their back leg, which will keep their front leg light and not easy to check the inside low leg kick. The next aspect Marlon says as you are throwing the 1-2-Left low kick is to change speeds when throwing then kick. It makes the timing and predictability of the kick different and catches fighters off guard. Marlon then explains the target should be the thighs and that you should  be long with that kick to avoid being close and from being taken down from being unbalanced on one leg from kicking. 4-5 kicks the person should be feeling it in their leg and it will have to respect it, which then leads to throwing body kicks and eventually head kicks.

Summary Of The Drill 

  • Throw a 1-2 keep opposite hand up as he holding the phone
  • Switch fast to land the inside low kick on the thigh
  • Throw any two punches to stay ready for whatever may come 

Marlon’s Instructional

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