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How To Properly Throw A Jab with Cedric Doumbe

How To Properly Throw A Jab with Cedric Doumbe

The first thing that any wants to learn in Kickboxing class is probably going to be how to punch and kick, I mean, that’s probably why you’re there in the first place. Even if someone is just starting out, you want to make sure that they pay super close attention to detail. 

It’s when you start to learn a technique and when you are going to make the most mistakes. This isn’t just a problem in the moment, as the mistakes you make when first learning a technique can unfortunately become very bad habits that you will take as you eventually grow in your journey. 

This is really bad because it takes a lot longer to unlearn bad technique and habits than it does to just learn a technique the right way from the start. This is why you really need to have someone point out what to do and what not to do so that you can be more conscious when you are practicing the technique. 

Well we have someone who may very well be the best in the world right now at Kickboxing to show you the proper technique behind his amazing jab . In this video, Cedric Doumbe goes over the proper technique behind his championship worthy jab. 

Who Is Cedric Doumbe?

Cedric Doumbe is, at the time of writing, the current Glory Welterweight champion. THere is a reason that his nickname is “Le Meilleur” meaning the “The Best” in english. He’s also on a seven fight win streak with 6 of those seven wins being stoppages that you really should check out when you have the time. He also has victories over some of kickboxing biggest names like, Alim Nabiev, Murthel Groenhart and Nieky Holzken, twice. 

How Cedric Doumbe Throws The Jab


The video starts off with Doumbe talking about how you can actually knockout your opponent with the jab. This isn’t seen very often but it is possible. You just need the right timing, the right technique and the right precision, power isn’t that big of a factor despite popular belief. 

Doumbe likes to sway back and forth with his upper body. This helps hide his movements and disguise his strikes. Doumbe then talks about how it is important to not drop your hand before throwing the jab. 

This is really bad for a few reasons. The first is that it’s a massive tell that you’re about to punch. If you drop your hand every time you jab, then your opponent is going to see your jab from a mile away. This is what's generally known as a telegraph or telegraphing your punch. 

The other reason it’s bad is because it simply makes your punch slower. The jab is supposed to be in a straight line but if you drop your hand you're just giving more space for your hand to travel. This will make it take more time for your jab to land on your target.

The last reason is that it opens you up for counters. If you drop your hand before punching, that means there is a moment in time where your hand isn’t defending your head. This is an opportunity where your opponent can strike before you’re able to get out your jab. 

This is why when you’re jabbing you don’t want to drop your hand. So that your jab can be as quick and effective as possible, just like Cedric Doume’s jab! 

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