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How To Time Your Counter Punches On The Inside With Teddy Atlas

How To Time Your Counter Punches On The Inside With Teddy Atlas


Inside fighting is one of the most challenging positions in combat sports. It's a game of inches, and you can not make mistakes in the inside game. Drilling the position of the inside game is essential to have, and The consequences are dire, but the rewards are great. If you are opposite someone who does not drill techniques on the inside, then that's where you stay in the fight as it will be easier for you especially if they have reach being on the inside is a very important aspect of fighting. The drill as Teddy likes to name his drills to remember is called "Fire in the whole" and it is primarily a timing drill on the inside. To counter punches inside the opponent's punches

Teddy Atlas

Teddy Atlas is a World famous Boxing coach and commentator for ESPN. He now has 9 instructional videos on Dynamic Striking. All of them compliment each other well. Teddy is trusted and respected for being truthful and telling exactly what he sees.


The Drill

Teddy says when you are in close-quarter combat or inside fighting, there are two aspects to it: the physical or technical aspect and the mental aspect. First, in the technical,physical part. The real key is to tighten your defense and throw shorter punches. And tighten the defense means hands up and tuck your elbows in and hands pulled back, covering everything. It is uncomfortable, but it will keep you safe inside.As Teddy would say you have to be comfortable in an uncomfortable environment. 

Second, the mental part is to be calm and to be stone cold in your veins. No panic and poker face. To see everything and not panic because you are in the eye of the storm, be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. 

The keys to the "Fire in the Whole" are short punches, tight defense, and staying calm. So on the inside pay attention, because fighters will open themselves when they punch and leave a tiny opening so that the timing is to hit short inside their punches. "Fire in the hole" It's the timing of the opponent's body language, so pay attention to how they move and recognize when they decide to punch the moment their shoulder and arm open up to hit, that's the timing for it to fire a short punch inside their guard. The key is to drill this, as some fighters will give a little exposure when punching

Summary Of The Technique

  • Stay inside with hands up guard in and resist panic
  • Use eyes and notice if they open their hands and shoulder to punch even if it's a little opening
  • Punch short without opening yourself up, and drill throwing short punches

Teddy’s Instructional

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