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How To Use The Swivel Pivot With Barry Robinson

How To Use The Swivel Pivot With Barry Robinson

The pivot is one of those moves that any striker needs to have on a high level, even though it doesn’t look as flashy and exciting as other techniques. The pivot is essential because it is our most superficial way to gain an angle and can be used in many ways.

The pivot is so versatile that we can use it in almost every situation; a big chunk of our syllabus in footwork considers some kind of pivot going inside or outside in different speeds and ranges.

The first and most common reason we want to pivot is to deal with rushers. Rushers are fighters that run you down like a train, and if you don’t get out of their way, they will run through you. The good thing is that it is effortless to deal with them performing a simple pivot to evacuate the way for them.

Besides dealing with rushers, the pivot will save us in many situations when we are against the ropes with no space to retreat. By performing some kind of duck with a side step and a pivot, we can quickly escape such a bad position.

The pivots can also be used offensively, as one of the easiest ways to hurt our opponents is to gain an angle and hurt him from a position where he cannot see the strike coming. When we run our opponent down and don’t find any opening in his defense, take a slight angle and see how new openings will show up.

We can also combine our defense and offense using pivots. Simply adding a hook to the pivot can add a lot as we can catch our opponent off guard or if he had his guard up, use the hook as a push and follow it with a kick if it is allowed.

The most common mistake we see with fighters performing the pivot is that they cross their legs when they pivot. Notice that as we rotate, we drag our rear foot with us and not step with it; we must stay aware that we always keep our stance optimal and our knees/feet are facing the same direction at all times.

In the following video, Barry Robinson will show us how he utilizes the pivot in a technique he calls - The Swivel Pivot.


Who Is Barry Robinson?

Barry Robison is a well-known boxing coach and inventor of the “A Million Styles Boxing” training system. Barry’s training system has been used worldwide with many professional boxers, and it has shown remarkable results. Barry is constantly working around the world in different fight camps to help pro fighters in preparation. Barry is also known for his breakdowns, where he earned a name for himself with fans worldwide.

The Swivel Pivot 

In the following video, we will learn about the Swivel Pivot, which is Barry Robinson’s favorite pivot to perform as it is so dynamic to use and looks fantastic.

The Swivel Pivot looks like we are turning on a swivel, where we have one leg as an axis (our lead foot), and the other leg is being dragged around with every turn that we take.

Barry shows us how it will look if we turn all the way using the Swivel Pivot, and we can see that he completes a full circle with his lead foot in the same place. It is like a rear swivel where everything is turning around one point, and we can do it to both sides.

Barry likes to train his Swivel Pivot while he is shadow boxing, and he can throw a couple of strikes and move out of the way, and he does that consistently throughout the round, playing with it and getting angles never staying in the same place.

Barry tells us that he has excellent drill advancements in his complete instructional that you can check out if you want to take your swivel pivot to the next level.

Learn More From Barry Robinson

 Mastering The Pivot by Barry Robinson

Suppose you like this short and informative video and would like to understand the pivots on a deeper level; check out Robinson’s instructional-  “Mastering The Pivot - With Barry Robison” available exclusively on Dynamic Striking.