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Inside Fighting Combo With Jake Mainini

Inside Fighting Combo With Jake Mainini

When it comes to inside fighting, most people need some work to get really good at it. While there are a certain set of fighters who are capable of handling the stress of an inside fight from the get go, for most people they need to build up that skill. 

Fighting on the inside is stressful. Sure you can land big shots on your opponent, but so can they. This is especially the case for taller, more lanky fighters who generally prefer to fight on the outside as they are usually at a power disadvantage when facing shorter, more bulky opponents who are seemingly built for big power shots from the inside. 

This is where having some combos trained so that you can use them in the heat of the moment becomes really helpful. Having combinations drilled to the point where you can do them in your sleep takes the guesswork out of the stressful inside fighting work. 

That’s why we’ve brought in one of the best MMA striking coaches to show you a combination that you can rely on when you're on the inside. 

In this video, Jake Mainini goes over a combination that you can use when you fight on the inside in MMA.

Who Is Jake Mainini?

Jake Mainini is a former Muay Thai fighter and current striking coach operating out of Boston. He owns his own gym in the city simply named Hard Knocks Boston. He’s worked with a ton of top names in the combat sports world across different promotions. Most notably he’s worked with top UFC fighters like Calvin Kattar and Rob Font. 

MMA Inside Fighting Combination 


The video is very straightforward and begins with coach Jake going over the combination. This is a truly MMA style combination that mixes together kicks, punches and elbows, but you can also use this in Muay Thai. 

The combination starts off with Jake cross checking a kick to his inside leg. A cross check is done when you check to the inside, instead of the outside like we normally see and train. Off of that cross block Jake steps into a rear cross and then follows that up with a shovel hook to the body with the lead hand. Off of that lead hand you should now be close enough to land a horizontal elbow, you can also throw this elbow with a more downward angle since you are really close to your opponent. After that you are going to cover on your lead side to defend against a hook. Remember that when you're on the inside you're not the only one who can throw strikes. 

Off of that block you are going to go for one final elbow with your rear hand, specifically an upward elbow. 

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