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Landing Your Jab Using Your Footwork Fundamentals By Dyah Davis

Landing Your Jab Using Your Footwork Fundamentals By Dyah Davis

As an athlete competing in combative sports, you need to develop your skills as a striker. A fighter can work hard on refining their power or technique in their punches, but there is more to striking than meets the eye. To become a world class striker, it’s all about the footwork, learning the skills to become nimble on your feet is extremely important. 

When a fighter implements great footwork then they start to develop a flow, this will enhance their ability to connect with jab’s on their opponent. Great footwork is more than just having nimble feet, it is about unifying your footwork with your punches. The hands and feet must work together and form a rhythm, that way every strike that is thrown has the best possible angle behind it.

That is why Dynamic Striking has brought to you one of the most professional boxing coaches in the world in Dyah Davis. Dyah shows us in this video how he implements his footwork, so he can effectively land the jab on his opponent.

Why Trust Dyah Davis?

You can breathe a sigh of relief and know you're in good hands with Dyah Davis because of his expert knowledge in boxing principles. Dyah Davis is a former pro boxer sporting a record of 25 wins with only 4 losses, including 11 knockout victories. Dyah owns and coaches out of Boca Boxing District, in Florida, He also coaches for the famous American Top Team where he has trained MMA legends Dustin Poirier and Amanda Nunes. 

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Check Out The Video Below Of Dyah Davis Teaching His Fundamentals On Striking Footwork! 

Dyah Davis starts this video off by explaining how fighters often make the same mistakes in their fights. Many fighters that have stepped into the ring come forward with their jab but usually step their legs too close together, which can be a disaster inside a fight.

One of the core principles we learn as strikers, or grapplers for that matter, is to always step in or out of your opponent’s range using base. Using a combat base means to always have your feet apart the same width as your shoulders, you must always have your weight evenly distributed. If you have your legs to close together then it is quite easy for your opponent to unbalance you. 

Your feet must work together with your hands, so when you step forward then you punch at the same time. Good footwork must never stop, so if you step your left foot in and throw a jab then when you have to retreat you must step your right leg back, this will ensure that your base will stay intact.

It is always good practise to keep your hands up so that you are guarded from your opponent’s attacks. Stepping in for a jab or stepping back out of range you still should keep your hands up, you never know what your opponent could be capable of, so it is important to be aware and be ready for anything.

So now you can see that Dyah Davis has some really important aspects of striking to teach, so take on these lessons and put them to practise. Soon you will be dancing around your opponent’s like a professional world class boxer and mixing in with the best fighters in the business!

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