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Learn More Karate Takedowns With The Machida Brothers

Learn More Karate Takedowns With The Machida Brothers

A lot of Karate techniques have been discarded by modern martial artists because a lot of them think they are useless. Now in more recent years techniques like spinning kicks and front kicks have become more popular but other than that we haven’t seen much. 

There is one technique from Karate that is actually banned in a lot of competition because it is too dangerous. Now we know that sounds like some were bullshido stuff from the 80s but it’s actually true. 

The scissor throw, also known as the crab claw,  is a takedown technique originating from Karate. It is actually banned in pretty much all Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions because it can actually lead to a ton of lower body injuries. It can also lead to a ton of concussions if your opponent doesn't know how to properly break fall. 

However, this technique is still legal in MMA, so if you want to show some love to old school Karate, you need to learn this technique properly. Luckily we have some of the best Karate practitioners in MMa to show us just how it’s done. 

In this video, Lyoto and Chinzo Machida go over how to execute the scissor throw.. 

Who Are The Machida Brothers 

When it comes to MMA siblings, Lyoto and Chinzo are at the top of the heap. Lyoto and Chinzo Machida are some of the best examples of Karate being successful in MMA. The pair were trained from birth by their Karate master father in Brazil. The two then went on to become two of the best strikers in MMA and Lyoto even became UFC light heavyweight champion for a time. 

How To Use The Scissor Throw In MMA 


The video starts off with both Chinzo and Lyoto in orthodox stance. This means they are in a closed stance scenario as both of them are in the same stance. To land the scissor throw you want to be in an open stance scenario, which means you and your opponent are in opposite stances. So Chinzo switches his stance after throwing some punches. 

From southpaw Chinzo throws a few more punches to distract his opponent and get in range to grab onto his opponent’s glove. Grabbing onto his opponent’s arm with his lead hand, Chinzo then squats down and puts his rear hand to the flow. He then slides his rear leg behind his opponent’s but keeps his lead leg where it is. 

From that position you can now jump your lead leg to be in front of your opponent’s hips and the rear leg should be behind your opponent’s calves. 

Make sure that you get the rear leg behind your opponent first. If you try to get the lead leg in position first your opponent will be able to see that and defend. 

From this floating position you will be posting with your rear arm, so keep it there. Now all you need to do is twist your body and try to bring your legs together to complete the takedown. 

After completing the takedown, your job isn’t over. You can now either start to work a leg lock, as your opponent's legs are literally in between yours. You can also advance to knee on belly to start to work on ground in pound or getting to an even better position. 

Learn More Karate Takedowns With The Machida Brothers

Machida Kusushi by Lyoto and Chinzo Machida

If you like this Karate takedown and want to learn more from the Machida brothers, Lyoto and Chinzo, then  check out their complete Karate style takedowns guide, “Machida Kusushi By Lyoto And Chinzo Machida” Available exclusively on Dynamic Striking!