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Perfect Placement Leg Kicks With Bas Rutten

Perfect Placement Leg Kicks With Bas Rutten

Getting a head kick knockout is a great thing to have on your highlight reel but landing them can be pretty difficult. You need to have good timing, power, speed and flexibility to make sure that your head kick not only lands but also to make sure it can finish your opponent. This makes head kick KOs few and far between for most people. 

It’s also pretty well known that you can finish people with body kicks as well. These are usually kicks thrown to the liver, which is on the right side of people's bodies. If a kick to the liver lands, your opponent is probably going to be out for the count. 

These two types of kick KOs are pretty well known and not uncommon to see in combat sports that involve kicking. However, did you know that you can also finish a fight with low kicks. Yup it’s true, you might not see it a lot in MMA but in sports like Kickboxing and Muay Thai it is more common. 

The only problem is that to finish a fight with low kicks, your only option is to throw a lot of them. This means that you also need to set up a lot of low kicks, so that your opponent doesn’t have the opportunity to block yours. 

This is why having a long combination or series of combinations is useful to have if you feel like you’re close to a low kick KO. Well luckily we have an MMA legend who has such a combination that can help you finish off an opponent with a battered leg. 

In this video MMA legend Bas Rutten shows you a combination that he likes to use to smash the leg of his opponent. If you don’t know who Bas Rutten is and you’re a combat sports athlete, then you need to brush up on your combat sports history. Bas Rutten is one of the pioneers of modern Mixed Martial Arts. Bas is a former UFC heavyweight champion and a three-time King of Pancrase champion. He retired in 1999 with an unbeaten record of 21 wins and only one draw and was later inducted into the UFC’s Hall of Fame. Rutten was known for his aggressive heavy hitting and somewhat dirty style, some of which he shows in this video. 

Bas Rutten Low Kick Combination 


The video starts off with Bas saying that this drill or combination is good to use on an opponent whose leg is already hurt. He then goes and shows the drill itself. The drill is a series of fairly standard low kick combinations thrown one after another in a sequence. 

The combinations go as follows:

  • Lead Hook - Rear Low Kick
  • Lead Hook - Cross - Lead Hook - Rear Low Kick 
  • Cross To the Body - Lead Hook - Rear Low Kick
  • Lead Hook - Rear Low Kick 
  • Jab - Cross - Rear Low Kick

The reason the final combination is a jab cross rear low kick is because for all the other ones the lead hook comes before the rear low kick. This means that your opponent won’t be expecting a low kick off of the cross as you’re breaking the pattern. You can also mess with the speed and timing of the combination to help mess with your opponent’s timing even more. 

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