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Punishing Openings On The Inside With Teddy Atlas

Punishing Openings On The Inside With Teddy Atlas

When it comes to inside fighting, it can be hard to find an opening to land your shots. For the most part when it comes to infighting, especially in boxing, you and your opponent are so close, usually with your guards up, that there just aren’t a lot of legitimate targets to take advantage of. 

This tends to lead to a lot of fighters just throwing at their opponent's guard with nothing really landing. This usually leads to an inside fight almost being a kind of rest position where fighters feel safe throwing and taking shots that they don’t really do all that much damage. While that might be good for some fighters, we can imagine that you might want to be dangerous no matter what situation you're in. 

That’s why we’ve brought in one of the most legendary boxing coaches who is still active today to show us how you can spot and take advantage of openings when you’re fighting on the inside. 

In this video, Coach Teddy Atlas goes over how you can find openings and land huge shots off of them on the inside. 

Who is Teddy Atlas? 

Teddy Atlas is a boxing coach who has been in the fight game since before most of the top modern fighters were born. Now coach Teddy spends his time as a coach, an analyst and a commentator for the great sport of boxing. On top of his years of experience he’s worked with a ton of top fighters like Michael Moorer and helped out Mike Tyson in his early years. 

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Finding Openings On The Inside In Boxing


The video starts with coach Teddy talking about the importance of being calm in close quarters. It’s important to be calm whenever you’re fighting but in particular close range where one mistake could mean getting knocked out. 

You need to be able to sit in what Teddy calls the eye of the storm and really analyze what's going on, so that you can find openings. If you’re not calm and freaking out, you won’t be able to see them. 

Now that you’re calm, you can take advantage of those little openings you might not have known you had. The best example of this is when you’re fighting your opponent and they load up for their punches on the inside. When you see them loading you can take advantage of that and slip in a short quick punch. This is what coach Teddy calls firing in the hole. 

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