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Refining Your Boxing Skills On The Double End Bag With Kirian Fitzgibbons

Refining Your Boxing Skills On The Double End Bag With Kirian Fitzgibbons

In this day and age it is essential for the combat sports athlete to refine their striking skill set. Training with your sparring partners will only improve your skills so much, you must take your repetition to the gym and practice it on the training bags. 

There are many different training bags you can use to enhance your striking ability, often fighters will use heavy bags so they can practice their power shots. An important tool that must not be overlooked is the Double End bag, It is a smaller bag that can be used for practicing your timing and punching prowess. 

In this video we have sought out coach Kirian Fitzgibbons to share his expertise in practicing how to improve your boxing skills. Using the double end bag effectively is a tricky skill to learn, but once you have understood the concepts behind how to practice your striking, it will help your boxing and overall striking tremendously. 

What Are Kirian Fitzgibbons Credentials?

Kirian Fitzgibbons is the owner and head coach of CSA Gym, he is widely considered one of the best coaches in North America. He is a talented expert coach who has trained the likes of Kevin Ross, Eddie Abasolo, Zach Bunnell and Alexis Davis. Kirian has been a huge part of the growth of Muay Thai and Kickboxing in America, he is well known for his no holds barred attitude towards training, his training systems speak volumes through the success of his students. 

Check Out Coach Fitzgibbons Explaining The Concept Behind Bag Work In The Video Below!

Kirian Fitzgibbons starts this video talking about how important it is for fighters to use specialty bags at the gym, in order to progress their striking abilities. He talks about the tremendous value of the double end bag and how it is an old school tool used by boxers to refine their skill sets.

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Techniques For The Double End Bag!

The double end bag has a vast array of applications for fighters to practise. This kind of bag is used for mainly boxing techniques like the timing of your offense and defense, you can also practise slipping, pulling, rolling, ducking and blocking punches as well as refining your punches and elbows. 

Using the double end bag is all about timing, the harder you hit the bag the more it will move around on you. With this kind of training you need to start off slow and use lighter hits so you can adapt your timing skills, once you have figured out the timing then you can up your speed and really enhance the flow.

Understanding the flow of the double end bag will help you work on your footwork and your head movement, which are two extremely important aspects for being a successful striker. Gaining momentum with this bag you can then add in your hooks, uppercuts and elbows. You only have to tap the bag lightly, this tool is not for working your power, it’s all about the timing. You can even work body shots by hitting lower on the band that will still keep the bag moving so you can evade and work in your strikes. 

To be successful in the ring or cage you must be fast on your feet, so working with Kirain’s concepts of striking the double end bag will enhance your timing and connection between your striking. So hit the gym and practise these techniques and soon you will be an expert in adapting your timing, footwork and head movements in cohesion with your striking.

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Bag Work 101 by Kirian Fitzgibbons

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