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Use This Safe Step-In Knee With Buakaw

Use This Safe Step-In Knee With Buakaw


Knees are a devastating weapon. If you can land them safely and consistently, the body will turn off, and the opponent will get very tired after a few good knees. No matter what the level of the opponent or how well conditioned they are. They will not enjoy a Knee to the body. A good knee emphasizes using your full bodyweight and should be accurate in landing to the body and using the harder part of the knee to land. Good knees also work well with punches because of the range and as knees are a lot more stable than round kicks and are shorter. Knees are also a good antidote to someone with good head movement or if someone has good takedowns. Buakaw was famous for using his authentic Muay Thai in the K1 tournament where it threw fighters off who are not used to this style

Who Is Buakaw?

World famous Buakaw is showing a good fundamental knee that really focuses on him taking the least damage.


Buakaw is a multiple times K1/Max champion and one of the most popular ambassadors for Muay Thai. He was known for his devastating leg dexterity. He started training at the age of 8 and now has his own gym Banchmaek Gym. He has fought legends like Andy Souwer, Masato, Albert Kraus in the heyday of K1 MAX

The Mechanics Of The Long Step-In Knee

Buakaw starts the video by emphasizing the stance to be on your toes, not your heels and not flat feet. To throw the Knee, you don't have to be in the clinch or locked up in a Greco-Roman wrestling situation. Here in this drill, Buakaw steps in safely defending himself and throws the Knee. For the long Knee, the spine has to be flexible and extended.

As you are stepping in for your knees, or switching knees, make sure the hands are still in a defensive position to protect against punches or elbows. Buakaw uses the defensive long guard where he posts one arm with the same side of the Knee on the opponent and the other arm is up which is opposite the side of the Knee. The arm is up guarding Buakaw's head. Even if you are not using the long guard with one hand, always keep the guard up and extend and bend the spine to keep the Knee long and have space and distance between you and the opponent. Next, 

Key Points

  • Stay on your toes
  • Step in with a defensive position like a long guard 
  • Use your whole body by extending the Spine

Another Version

Buakaw then finished the video by showing a technique of catching a round kick and throwing that step in knee while the opponent is still in place. Another version is to capture the kick, then shove them off to put them off balance, and then jumping flying Knee to the body.

Buakaw's Instructional

Authentic Muay Thai Striking by Buakaw Banchamek

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