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Setting Up A Left Hook With A Low Kick With Carlos Condit

Setting Up A Left Hook With A Low Kick With Carlos Condit


If you train MMA or any martial art with striking involved, you will often hear the importance of using strikes to load up your next one. This sport is one that includes efficient use of momentum to maximize your energy and power.

When trying to land a combination, you have to make sure each strike leads you into the next one. First, this is important to take maximum advantage of your body movement. Also, if you try to throw a second strike in a combination which is not loaded up from the strike before, it is likely not going to be powerful and you are probably opening yourself up to be countered.

A simple example of this is the basic one-two combination. This combination includes a jab and a cross. Assuming you are throwing it from an Orthodox stance, throwing a jab with your left arm while taking a step forward shifts your weight to your right side. The extension of your arm from the jab also loads up your right shoulder, making the follow up right cross loaded up and most efficient and effective.

This is just a simple example to shape the picture of what being “loaded up” looks like. As you train and play around with combinations while having an understanding of the concept of being loaded, you will begin to add kicks and more punches onto the end of combinations.

In this video, Carlos Condit gives a variation of setting up a left hook with a low kick, check it out below!


Combo Breakdown 

Carlos states that he does not see this particular combination used a lot, but he feels that the mechanics of it work very well. To set up the low kick, Carlos uses a step off jab. To do this, he takes a step to the outside with his back leg as he throws his jab, creating space and an angle for him to throw his low kick.

As Carlos throws a hard low kick, it shifts his weight and perfectly loads him up for the left hook. This seems simple enough, however Carlos has a few tips to make this combination as effective as possible.

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He first explains the timing regarding when you should throw the hook following the kick. After you land the kick, as soon as that foot hits the ground is when you throw your hook. That foot being back on the ground acts as a root so you can maximize the strength of your core in landing the left hook. Being that having your foot back on the ground adds power, timing and speed are also important. The longer you wait once you have that root to throw your hook, the less momentum you have and more time your partner has to get ready to defend.

When you think about the flow of movement, as you throw a left hook your body's momentum is going towards your right side. When Carlos throws the low kick with his right leg, his momentum of shifting towards his left. However, as he brings that leg back to the ground his weight is now shifting back to the right, perfectly setting up the momentum for a powerful left hook which will be going in the same direction.

The key to this combination is timing, and this left hook is meant to be a power hook. Throwing it as soon as your foot hits the ground allows you to immediately explode off of your base leg and onto the leg you just replanted, leaving all that explosive power in the hook.

Carlos Condit Bio

Carlos began his professional mixed martial arts career at the age of 18, and showed his impressive talent right out of the gates. He won his first professional fight with a rear naked choke submission in the first minute of the first round, and overtime had continued to compliment his striking with his ground game. 

His career in the UFC began in 2009, and since then he has claimed titles including  Interim UFC Welterweight Champion as well as many others. He has fought big names in the UFC such as Rory MacDonald and Matt Brown, and he continues to progress his career in the UFC to this day.

In this instructional, Carlos covers modern MMA striking systems. He demonstrates techniques including cross blocking, layering ranges, clinch work, level changes, multiple high level combinations, and so much more.

Modern MMA Striking Mastery by Carlos Condit
Carlos has spent his entire adult life in professional mixed martial arts, and has been fighting in the UFC for over 10 years now. If there is anyone to learn from while trying to improve your MMA techniques, Carlos is your guy. Take the steps you need to continue progressing your game, check out his instructional here!