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Setting Up The Knockout With The Cross Counter By Cedric Doumbe

Setting Up The Knockout With The Cross Counter By Cedric Doumbe


In this day and age athletes that compete inside the ring or the cage are always looking for the knockout. Whether it’s a flashy spinning manoeuvre or just an ordinary straight punch the result is always the same, to knock out your opponent is to win the fight. 

Some fighters will be on the front foot and will hunt their opponent for a knockout, others will often counter strike and catch their opponent off guard. Either way getting the knockout is the best way to end the fight, if your bout goes the distance then leaving the fight in the judge's hands can be a lottery. 

In this video we call upon the knowledge of showman Cedric Doumbe, who shows us his favourite technique for gaining the knockout. Cedric calls this technique the cross counter because of how you counter your opponent’s jab with your cross to their head, or in Cedric’s words “The Brain” 

Who Is Cedric Doumbe?

Cedric Doumbe is a Cameroonian-French kickboxing legend and is the current Welterweight champion for Glory Kickboxing, Combat Press have him ranked as the #1 Welterweight in the world. Cedric Doumbe has won 9 world titles in kickboxing and is highly regarded amongst his peers and the fight community. Cedric is well known for his humour and showmanship as well as his excessive boxing skills.

Check Out Cedric’s Video Below On The Cross Counter!

In this video Cedric shows us why he is a showman and his funny anecdotes make this light hearted fellow easy to watch. He starts this video talking about his favourite knockout and how he has done this in his earlier fights, he even references Lyotto Machida and how he also utilises this technique. 

Cedric describes his opponent’s jab plus his cross coming together like a collision, meaning when your opponent steps in with the jab and you throw the cross, then your opponent is stepping into the momentum of your cross. 

Firstly you must set up in your fight stance, be on the move so it becomes hard for your opponent to land any punches. Now you must anticipate your opponent’s jab and when they extend with it, you must slip your head to the inside of their jab. At the same time as you slip the punch you must then throw your cross over the top of your opponent's shoulder and connect with their head. 

This technique is all about timing. If you are too late with your head slip then you will eat the jab, if you are too early then you won’t be able to reach your opponents head. A great way to practise the timing for this technique, is to get your training partner to throw jabs at you then just simply practise dodging the punch. Once you have developed the timing then landing the cross over the top should be easy. 

Use this lesson that Cedric Doumbe has shown us, and take your striking to the next level so you can land expert knockouts on your opponents! 

Learn More From The World Champion Cedric Doumbe!

If you liked this video on striking knockouts by Cedric Doumbe and you want to take your fight game to the next level then check out his great series World Class Striking Mastery by Cedric Doumbe Available exclusively on Dynamic Striking!