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Shuffle Movement by Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson

Shuffle Movement by Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson


Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson is a full-contact kick boxer and UFC fighter known for his unique and effective footwork that allows him to move in and out while doing damage to his opponents, yet keeping himself both safe and out of their range! Here Wonderboy demonstrates how to cover the distance with his Shuffle Movement! 


Stephen Thompson explains that the game of fighting is being able to hit your opponent before they can hit you, Thompson then says that fighters who just wade in will take a lot of damage so being able to spring in and do damage and get out immediately back into a good position is important. 

To do the shuffle movement Stephen says you must be in a good fighting stance, hands up, knees bent, and heel slightly raised on the back leg ready to propel yourself forward. The technique is then pretty simple, you raise your lead leg and push off of your back foot to move forward and cover distance. The key to doing this movement effectively though is to only raise your lead foot about an inch off of the floor so you do not telegraph your movement. Thompson explains that he has sparred with fighters such as Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva and that they are so good because of their ability to cover distance without telegraphing their movement! 

Movement as a Weapon by Stephen Thompson


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