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Start Low And End High With Creative Combinations From Teddy Atlas

Start Low And End High With Creative Combinations From Teddy Atlas

Throwing a good jab-Cross or a one-two if using the number system is fundamental in boxing. When learning how to punch the first day in training you will probably be shown a one-two. There are good variations of a one-two and you need to throw them differently throughout the course of a contest. If you only have one variation or one way to throw a jab-cross, you could be timed or countered. You can mix it up between the body and head, you can change speeds of one of the punches to throw off the opposition. You can faint. You could also throw the arch of the punches at different angles. In the video below 

Teddy Atlas shows a variation here where he likes to name his techniques. Here he names this technique "Knock Knock". Teddy Atlas is a world famous respected Boxing mind. He is a well known coach, commentator, podcastor, and has 10 instructional videos on Dynamic Striking.

This drill is from Teddy Atlas’s next video instructionals called Tricks of the trade. One of the tricks is this one called “knock knock”. It's a setup of jabbing slightly downstairs to the body and throwing a big right hand to the head. If you feel they are already reacting to your punch you change it up with a right cross to the head, it is also a change of speed.  You knock downstairs and come through the door upstairs. The great Roberto Duran got knocked out by Tommy Hearns with that punch.


The Technique

With this two punch combination it's a surprise punch. You jab to the body first as a single punch and analyze how they react and how long that reaction takes. If the opponent reacts big and they leave their left side of the chin open when defending the jab to the body. You don't want them to know you are setting them up so you have to catch them when the opportunity is there, not wait and have them figure it out. So in the next exchange you "knock knock" on the door by jabbing to the body again and stay low in your stance and keep your head low then change speeds and shoot a big straight right hand to the chin while still keeping your head low. 

Another reason for the jab to the body is it could serve as a trapping hand to the opponent's lead hand if they already have it low and it serves as a way to make sure it doesn't do up after your jab to the body. So you jab to the body, trap the lead arm, shoot a quick right cross to the head.

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