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Stephen Whittier

Stephen Whittier


As one of the most accomplished martial artists in the world, Stephen Whittier has the answers to all of your questions and has probably already given them to you, either in person, through online meetings, in books, or in instructional dvds. 

Stephen Whittier is one of the few people that can boast the title of Head Coach for Straight Blast Gym International, though you will most likely never hear him speak on it as his skill-set is matched by his humility. Not only is he a head coach for the world-renowned gym, but Whittier also acts as the Director of the organization itself.

With a resume in martial arts that includes an instructor certification in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do fighting concepts, Whittier’s years of martial arts training has also resulted in a 3rd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Roberto Maia, a black belt in traditional Shotokan Karate, and a black belt in the Filipino stick art, Eskrima. As if his resume wasn’t extensive enough, the SBG leader is also one of the highest ranking Sityodtong Muay Thai Kru’ s in the USA under Mark DellaGrotte. 

Whittier is a top tier instructor, with students ranging from child to adult, from law enforcement at every level of government, to athletes at every level of competition. Understanding that not everyone is a young, athletic competitor, Whittier founded “40plusbjj”, a program and website for older practitioners who want to progress in Jiu Jitsu without having to rely on the same strength and speed that younger martial artists will have, but rather gain a better understanding of the underlying techniques and principles to give them advantages. On top of his Jiu Jitsu program for 40+, Whittier has put out handfuls of instructionals that cover any place or position you may find yourself in a fight. Not only does Stephen Whittier have the foundational through to advanced knowledge on multiple styles of martial arts, but his additional background as an educator in an academic setting also builds on to Whittier’s elite knowledge and ability to teach.

This is why when Whittier put out his instructional, “Fundamentals of Functional Striking” with Dynamic Striking, you know it is exactly as the title states. Whittier is not just some instructor showing techniques their instructor showed them. He is a martial artist with an extensive understanding of how to transfer the knowledge he has accrued, to those without the same grasp of the techniques or concepts. With a passion for martial arts, as well as teaching others, Whittier has traveled throughout North America, and the United Kingdom, teaching seminars and training camps. Stephen Whittier is a martial artist in every sense of the word, constantly willing to grow while imparting his well of knowledge on to those who are willing to put in the work to achieve the best results. 

Outside of the martial arts, Whittier has been an educator at Tufts University, the same school he spent years teaching at before shifting his focus to building multiple successful businesses. Complementing his extensive martial arts resume, Stephen Whittier is a coaches coach, helping entrepreneurs elevate their careers with an in-depth understanding of online marketing. As a receiver of an editor’s choice award as well as being named one of “America’s Premier Experts” in 2012. Stephen Whittier is one of the most underrated coaches in martial arts and entrepreneurship.

If you are a martial artist and/or instructor of any kind, Whittier should be one of your go to sources for information. If you are a martial arts school owner, Whittier shouldn’t just be a resource, but he should be one of your first and most consistent resources.

Fundamentals of Functional Striking by Stephen Whittier

With all of Stephen Whittier’s knowledge available, new students, competitive athletes, and school owners alike can all achieve their martial arts goals through comprehensive systems. Check out his instructional today!