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Switch Uppercut Cross With Duane Bang Ludwig

Switch Uppercut Cross With Duane Bang Ludwig

Everyone loves to see fancy footwork and the only people that like it more than fans are fighters themselves. The first reason that fighters like to do fancy footwork so much is simple, it’s just really fun. It can also help break up the rhythm of the fight and help mess with your opponent. 

While fancy footwork is nice and can be really effective, it can also be a massive drain on your gas tank if you do it a lot, especially without properly drilling the technique first. That’s why if you want to be able to do fancy footwork alot, even just something like quick switches, you are going to need to have someone coach you on how to do it properly. 

That’s why we’ve brought in one of the best striking coaches around who definitely knows his stuff when it comes to slick footwork.

In this video, Duane “Bang” Ludwig goes over how to use a stance switch to land an uppercut cross combination.

Who Is Duane Bang Ludwig? 

Duane “Bang” Ludwig is a former UFC fighter and current MMA coach who is known for his eccentric style both in and outside of the ring. He currently holds the record for the second fastest UFC knockout with a win in just 6 seconds into a fight Duane Ludwig has worked with a ton of great fighters like Joseph Benavidez and former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw. 

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How To Combine The Switch Uppercut And The Cross


The video starts off with coach Duane going over the combination which is fairly simple to understand. What you are going to do is quickly switch your feet so that you are now in the opposite stance. Once your feet touch the ground you then want to immediately throw an uppercut with what is now your lead hand and then follow that up with a rear cross.

Make sure that you land your feet and have the ground under you before you start to throw your punches. If you don’t have your balance when you punch you are going to lack power in your strikes and they might even throw you more off balance, which leaves you open to your opponent. 

This combination works better when you are close to your opponent. If you’re really close when you land the uppercut, coach Duane says that you can switch out the cross for a rear hook. However since most people tend to move back when they get hit, so the cross should be a solid follow up most of the time. 

The uppercut should also lift up your opponent’s head, so their chin will be exposed to whatever punch you decide to follow up with. 

When you drill this combination, what you're going to want to do is keep it nice and simple. That means you are just going to either have a partner hold for you and just do the switch back and forth. You can also do this on a bag or even in shadow boxing if you don’t have a partner. 

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