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UFC-Caliber Technique With Wonderboy

UFC-Caliber Technique With Wonderboy

In the world of fighting, nothing is more majestic than a card at Madison Square Garden in New York City. On November 4th 2017, there was a UFC card for the ages. George St.Pierre returned for one fight and won the Middleweight title from Michael Bisping. Paulo Costa Beat Johnny Hendrix, and Stephen Thompson defeated Jorge Masvidal. 

That last fight was certainly one for the ages. Two strikers that stylistically could not be more different. Jorge Masvidal is a technical boxer with outstanding knockout power he keeps his stance narrow. Which is in stark contrast to his opponents Thompson’s wide Light footed Karate stance. 

At this time Jorge had much more time in the ring than Thompson but it was Thompson who was the #2 in the division. There was no doubt in either fighters mind that this fight was going to stay on the feet, and that both men had it in their mind they would punish the other. 

The first round was a feeling out process. Jorge used front kicks to the front leg of Stephen’s to eliminate his mobility. Stephen made adjustments and in typical wonderboy style continued to change his stance from Orthodox to Southpaw and back again. Always moving laterally and changing the distance between the two fighters in one way or another. 

It was Jorge who was pushing forward but he found it hard to land shots, because of Stephen’s footwork. Jorge had a hard time solving the puzzle as Stephen never left the pocket, he was just always at a different place from within it. 

Within these complex movements Stephen’s strikes had become unpredictable, was he lunging forward to kick, or to punch or change angles? Only Stephen knew. Jorge was never out of the fight, and landed some shots but it was Stephen who was winning exchanges. 

Then it happened!

Masvidal was knocked down! Jorge is known for his durability and does not get knocked down often but it did happen and it was done with perfect timing and movement. 

Starting in Orthodox and being light on his feet, Thompson takes a lunging jab forward, but instead of his back foot following his front to close the distance, the foot took a step forward and to the right. This angled Wonderboy to the side of Masvidal. Thompson threw a right cross that planted Masvidal on his backside. Thompson followed after the knockdown, but dedicated himself to let Jorge get back up.  If you want to see this exchange happen in real time, it happens ½ way through round two. 

Or why not have Wonderboy show you himself how he did it as well as how he drills the footwork and body positioning properly to attain such an attack. 


Thompson adds in a few pro tips at the end of the technique for students to think about and keep in mind. First leaving the jab in the face as a distraction will hide your movement from your opponent. 

The Second pro tip is to continue to circle away from the power hand. Circling back the other way might seem like a way to confuse your opponent, but if they throw a wild hook you might walk right into it.

Stephen has been defined by his footwork and movement. Being undefeated in 58 pro kickboxing matches and holding a MMA record of 15-4-1 it has been his technical approach to striking that has both kept him safe and allowed him to pressure opponents into making mistakes. 

Stephen has been a lifelong martial artist and is now looking to share some of his knowledge with the rest of us. We have seen instructionals that have touched on footwork, and the basics, but Stephen has taken the time to create a full instructional on how he uses movement...As a weapon. 

Movement as a Weapon by Stephen Thompson
Covering more than the basics about how to get in and out of positions. Providing Tons of drills and at the end the Wonderboy shows you how to add in those kicks that keep the opposition guessing. Make movement your weapon of choice! Check it out here!