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Understanding The Fight Game Using Five Important Senses With Henry Cejudo

Understanding The Fight Game Using Five Important Senses With Henry Cejudo

Being successful in combat sports takes more than just lifting weights, practising techniques and hitting the pads. Working hard in the gym will only get you into the cage or the ring, once the bell rings the fight goes beyond your training. You must be able to use your senses and trust your instincts, these are the key elements to winning your fights.

There are many variants that take place during the course of a fight, a fighter must be able to understand these circumstances and adapt using senses and instincts. Most fighters are great at one or two aspects of using their senses, to become successful you must develop five important senses according to Henry Cejudo.

That's why we have brought you the best in the business, to explain his mentality and how to win when competing in combat sports.

Who Is Henry Cejudo?

Henry Carlos Cejudo is regarded as one of the best combat sports athletes in the world. He is the only person to have ever won an Olympic Gold Medal and a UFC title. Henry at age 21 became the youngest American Olympic Gold Medalist in Wrestling at the 2008 Summer Olympics. He was also the 2007 Pan American champion and has won multiple American Continental and US National championships. Henry is a part of an illustrious group of champions, as he is the second person in UFC history to defend two title belts in two different weight classes and hold those titles simultaneously. Henry retired from professional fighting immediately after successfully defending his UFC bantamweight title against Dominick Cruz by TKO in May 2020. 

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Understanding The Five Senses!


Henry is often asked what he thinks when he is fighting inside the ring or the cage. In this video he explains how fighting is not something he thinks, but something he feels. As a successful fighter, wrestler and Olympian he has a great knowledge of how to use his instincts. Henry talks about the 5 senses you need to understand, when competing in combat sports.


The first sense Henry talks about is attack, This sense is being someone who is able to be offensive with attacks. You must develop a mindset to be the first to attack and take control, attacking first will help you become dominant within your fights.

Counter Attack! 

The counter attack really speaks for itself and it is a skill you need, to be able to match it with your opponents. Identifying the space left by your opponent when he throws strikes at you and then filling that space with your own counter attacks is vital in becoming a great fighter. 


Some fighters have a gift to anticipate and it’s a sense that often sets up your counter attack. When you enhance your ability to anticipate, you can see attacks coming before they do. Often fighters will lift their glove or move their shoulder back slightly, you must anticipate these subtle movements and then pounce on the opportunity with attacks. Many athletes must use anticipation in their fields as it is really important to be able to read the play. Anticipating your opponent’s attacks is a skill you must acquire through competing and trusting your instincts.


You must use your feel! Sometimes this means physical as in feeling out your opponent and what they have to deliver. It is also about understanding the competition you are fighting in or the actual fight for that matter. Understand how to feel out someone's range and the weaponry that they possess, this will increase your ability to utilise all of these senses.

Take Risks!

We are not talking about a calculated risk, that is something that holds us back and keeps us fighting cautiously. Taking a proper risk is probably the most important sense according to Henry. Trying to actually win the fight as opposed to trying not to lose is a huge factor, using all of these senses you can have the confidence to take risks in order to win the fight.

Now that you have a better understanding of Henry Cejudo’s concepts of fighting, then you can start developing a more lethal style of attacking in your fights. 

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