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Use The Best Tool for Generating Power with Brandon Gibson

Use The Best Tool for Generating Power with Brandon Gibson

To have a good training environment, you need good training partners, a good coach, and good equipment. If you don't have the tools to develop your game as efficiently as possible. It's going to be really hard. And good equipment is one of the many aspects to develop your game. Take boxing for example you got the jump rope, the heavy bag, the speed bag, the double end bag, and mitts. Each equipment serves a specific purpose for development.

In the video below Jackson wink striking coach Brandon Gibson who is known for his pad holding skills is showing one of the best and most underutilized tools out there. The power punch shield. Canelo Alvarez who is widely known for his punching power and that he carries that power with him in multiple weight divisions is known to extensively use the punch shield. Brandon Gibson is demonstrating with Aaron pico, a big knockout puncher himself, various ways and punches to throw on the power punch shield.

The punch shield.  Brandon Gibson says this is his favorite tool for generating power. This tool will get you exhausted, part of it is when you are hitting this it’s high pressure, high volume, all power. There are many different positions with the punch shield. 


The Jab

First is the jab and make sure to grab the punch shield right on your left shoulder. Brandon Gibson likes to get it in his chest. And make sure the chin is tucked down. And holding the two grips on the tool where one is low and one is high. And he wants you to have a good base and position because with this punch shield you are taking your fighters most powerful shots so have a good base don't fall off balance don’t get rocked don’t get wobbled. As your fighter is jabbing he is aiming for the middle target and hammering through and moving back to his distance so in and out movement. Moving in with the jab and moving out with the back leg to avoid counters. With the Punch shield you can definitely throw combinations but really look for single shots and pull the technique out of your fighter to make sure the single shots are powerful and correct then you advance to combinations. He likes for his fighters to feint in while moving in and that your fighter demonstrates good defensive exit as well. 

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The Cross

Now for holding the shield for a cross it will be the same where one hand holds the grip high the other holds the low grip, and having the shield on your chest. The chin is tucked low and in a good well balanced position but now holding the shield on the right shoulder. It’s just like the heavy bag where the fighter can hit as hard as they want but the reason he likes the power punch shield is movement. You can pressure them. You can have them move sideways, pressure you as well. You can help them exit or give and go forward. 

So you get the footwork with it where you can’t necessarily get on the heavy bag and you get to feel your fighter’s power. As Aaron Pico is demonstrating in the video  he is punching with power every shot not compromising. He is shuffling, he is feinting, he is going side to side but still planting his feet and throwing power with that cross. The punch shield is also a tool you don’t have to be ultra accurate with because it’s a large surface area. So with power you won’t be super accurate with the punch shield. But what we do want is that power development with speed, with accuracy, with the timing, and with the technique obviously. 


Now for the left hook he is looking to have his arm in good structure. Ready to absorb and his hip is open a little, ready to meet it. For the left hook you lay the punch shield a little more on your biceps and shoulder and the target meeting the left hook. It’s your responsibility as a coach to be in a good position so make sure to have the shield high to the same level as the opponent’s chin so you are not holding it low at a position where a realistic punch wouldn’t be, you got to be lined up, same thing with right hooks just align on the right shoulder. 


Now for the uppercut, Brandon Gibson likes to have his shoulder on it, bicep down, and elbow in. You should not reach for that as it might hurt your shoulder doing that. He likes to get as close to his chest as he can. The punch shield is a great tool to bring out power. Helps us build that accuracy, speed, and technique with it. You could also use it as a defensive tool. We can start building some combos into it so now Brandon  could use it to make Aaron roll as if he is throwing a big hook he rolls then he exits and he plants for the big cross. 

So we’re finding that power punch in motion and power punching in rhythm. So you can start drawing out that power in motion off the defensive movement. 

Straight Punches Backing Up to Angle to Body Shot Drill

Lastly one of his favorite drills with this and when they bring this out it’s usually layer in rounds. He likes to pressure his fighters he likes them to take two steps back 

And finding a pivot, finding it off an angle and ripping a shot as hard as they can so we'll look for rhythm change, we look for defensive footwork. And we look to set up a big power strike. He’s going to hold it tight on his chest. And he is going to pressure Aaron and look for two to three straight punches and then picks a side where he pivots and rips a body shot. You can throw straight punches backing up then pivoting to punch either with lead hand or rear hand. 

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