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Use This Strategy To Maintain Outside Foot Position With Chris Camozzi

Use This Strategy To Maintain Outside Foot Position With Chris Camozzi


For those who know little or nothing about the strategy of fighting, they probably assume the battle is who can throw the most punches. While throwing more significant strikes isn’t a bad thing, there is so much more that goes into having a successful and dominant fight. 

Part of being able to throw the most significant strikes is being in a position to do so. Depending on your goals, you may choose a different stance or foot positioning strategy. While some stances and foot positions may make it easier to achieve whatever it is you are trying to achieve, they may also open you up and put you in greater danger for counters or other strikes.

Creating angles and not coming at your opponent straight on is imperative for success. You can use strikes or kicks to make those angles, taking strategic steps during your strikes to get there. A great place to establish foot positioning is on the outside of your opponent. He is going to be fighting for that same positioning, so it is best to learn some strategies on how to beat him there.

In this video, Chris Camozzi demonstrates a technique to fight for and establish outside foot positioning, check it out below!


What Technique Does Chris Use?

To preface, this instructional is devoted to southpaw striking, so for this technique Chris is in a southpaw stance and his partner is in an orthadox stance. This means that their stances are mirrored so both of their lead legs are on the same side.

This makes it easier for your partner to combat your attempts at gaining outside foot positioning. As you step to the outside with your lead leg, it is on the same side as your partner's lead leg and he can take a quick step to counter it and maintain the position. The goal is to find a way to beat him there.

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The strategy to get there in this technique is going to be to use a pendulum lead leg kick. As Chris’s partner is circling to the outside, he is going to throw that pendulum kick. What this does is first it stops your partner from circling, and then once you plant that foot after the kick it should land in the outside position. Some people have a habit of squaring back up in the pocket following this kind of kick, so it is imperative to stay on the outside once you land there. 

From here you should immediately be throwing punches since you have created that angle. A good measure for distance is when your foot lands on the outside, your power hand should be lined up with his head. The power hand is referred to as a “cross” and it is your back hand. If you are in an orthadox stance this would be your right hand, and in southpaw it would be your left hand; a left cross. If you are in the pocket this hand should not necessarily line up with your partner’s head. However, when you make an angle and establish outside foot position, it should line up.

Other Details To Take Note Of

Something else to note is that you can really put a lot of power into this kick. He is walking into your kick which will already make it more powerful, effectively stopping him from circling to the outside. Just be aware of exactly what you're doing and make sure to stay balanced so you don’t have to over correct and end up back on the inside. Make it powerful, but be sure you can immediately plant that foot on the outside following the kick.

Though you now have your partner lined up with your power hand, this is also a great place to land other strikes. Your jabs will be thrown at a good angle from here, and you have some great opportunities to land some body shots before your partner adjusts his position. The main goal is to cut him off, and corral him to your power side.

Learn About Chris Camozzi

Chris Camozzi is a professional American Glory kickboxer and mixed martial artist. He has been a professional MMA competitor since 2006, and he competes in the middleweight division of the UFC. 

Following a traveling rugby career, Chris returned home to train Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Camozzi took part in the 11th season of The Ultimate Fighter, and ultimately made his way into the UFC. Chris has fought many big names in the organization, and his wins range between both submissions and knockouts. 

A Look Into Chris’s Instructional 

Chris has devoted this instructional solely to southpaw striking techniques. Included you will find techniques such as multiple tips for gaining foot position, countering opponents jab, parry double jab body kick, countering opponents lead hook, and so much more.

Southpaw Striking Fundamentals by Chris Camozzi

Chris has spent so much of his life dedicating time and sacrifice into this sport. His career speaks for itself and the knowledge and experience he has to offer should fully be taken advantage of. Increase your effectiveness from the southpaw stance, check out his instructional here!