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Using The Slip Rope To Improve Your Balance With Trevor Wittman

Using The Slip Rope To Improve Your Balance With Trevor Wittman


Nowadays, most sports evolution comes from using better tools and technologies that increase athletic performance. But remember, we are using “tools” to push our boundaries beyond their limits; it is not that we are more gifted than our ancestors; it is simply the result of knowledge and science.


With that being said, using tools can help us build techniques and refine our skills, so we don’t rely on them for only athletic performance. Now when we work the different tools we gain different benefits, especially in fighting, so let’s look at some of the tools we can use and their benefits:


  • Jump rope - Develops endurance and stamina
  • Heavy bag - Develops power and lactic threshold
  • Double-end bag - Develops timing and quickness
  • Slip bag - Develops reactive awareness 
  • Slip Rope- Develops awareness and balance for boxing


As we can see, the tool we choose will directly affect the area that we are trying to develop in an athlete. In the next section, we will speak about the slip rope, so before diving in, let’s get an overview of the tool we are going to learn about.


The slip rope is one of those tools that have been around for ages; even when it is not a primary tool we use in developing a boxer, it is an important one nonetheless. When we work the slip rope, we train ourselves to be aware as we move and pressure the opponent, always keeping our head moving and throwing punches at the opponent.


By working our awareness on the slip rope, we gain confidence that will, later on, stay with us when fighting in the ring, and we know we can pressure our opponent and feel free to strike as we optimize our position while we put the pressure on.


In this video, Trevor Wittman will show us how he works the slip rope for balance and defense while bobbing and weaving his way forward. 

Who Is Trevor Wittman?

Trevor Wittman is an American striking coach for MMA that owns a gym (Grudge Training Center) at Arvada, Colorado. Wittman has trained famous fighters in the MMA world like - GSP, Rose Namajunas, and Justin Gaethje. Wittman had a background in wrestling when he was younger, but he transitioned early on to boxing, where he retired early due to a hyperinflated lung. However, Wittman didn’t give up and became one of the best coaches in the world.

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Slip Rope Fundamentals 

In this video, Trevor Wittman will show us how to work on his favorite tool to develop balance for fighters - The Slip Rope. When we work on the slip rope, we learn how to use our body as one unit while maintaining good hand positioning and overall defensive position.

To start off this topic, we need to understand that the slip rope is not only for boxers, but MMA fighters and Kickboxers can use it too as they rely a lot on footwork and balance while staying protected in their fights.

When working with the slip rope, the most common mistake practitioners make is that they keep their feet under the rope and move their heads from side to side. The only way this can work is if the practitioner adds a rotation with the hips as he moves his head, but still, Trevor prefers a different method of using the feet.

Look now, as Trevor moves from side to side, he is using his feet to carry him over, and he never stays unprotected under the rope; it is always a bob and weaves under the rope with our hands high to close any opening that we might create.

To remind ourselves that we are protected, we must use our glove as an indicator; as we move from side to side under the rope, we need to make sure the glove touches the rope when we come up beside it. By connecting our glove and the rope, we know that we are safe from anything coming our way from the side.

Remember, we always want to keep a hand up for protection when we take an angle. For example, if we step to the left out of the opponent’s centerline, the only danger will come from the right, so our right hand must stay up (check the video for the live example with Justin Gaethje).

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