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Working Our Combinations - Low Kick To Left Hook With Carlos Condit

Working Our Combinations - Low Kick To Left Hook With Carlos Condit

Combinations in boxing/kickboxing and Muay Thai always caught the eye of the public. Everybody wants to learn how to throw a set of punches that chain well together, look good, and might put their opponent to sleep.

Although combinations are a big part of our training programs as strikers, many fighters utilize them in sparring. The reason is that they are not that easy to use; to chain, a set of combinations against a live opponent is not an easy thing as he is not planning on letting us succeed, so a good setup is essential.

The first step to becoming better at combinations is to get rid of our tendency to throw clueless single punches. Single punches are good at the beginning of a match where we analyze our opponents, but we want to use those single strikes to set up our combinations as the fight goes on.

Having a good supply of combinations we can use instinctively is our second step. As we want to gain an advantage once the opportunity arises as fast as possible, we don’t want to take our time and miss the small window of landing multiple punches.

The third and most crucial step is to understand timing. To be successful with our combinations, we must be able to read the fight and the opponent, so we can time our punches at the exact moment the opponent gave us an opening.

Once you become an excellent combination striker, you can add it to your strategy to compliment your game. 

We can utilize different types of combinations for different kinds of opponents. If he is very static, we might set up a powerful punching combination, but if the opponent is mobile, using our combinations to hurt his legs would be a better strategy to slow him down.


In the following video, Carlos Condit will go over a simple combination that is effective for MMA and can hurt our opponent badly.


Who Is Carlos Condit?

Carlos Condit is an American Pro Mixed Martial Artist fighting for the UFC. Carlos is a well-known figure in MMA who fought the best of his time and won the interim UFC Welterweight Title at the peak of his career. Carlos first made a name for himself in the WEC promotion before the UFC, becoming the Welterweight Champion. Nowadays, Carlos is working on some business ventures while still fighting for the UFC at 37. 

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The Low Kick To The Left Hook  

In this video, Carlos Condit will show us how to mix our strikes, starting with a combination that he uses successfully - A low Kick to a Left Hook. Carlos tells us that the rear low kick puts us in an excellent position to throw a left hook mechanically, so it works effectively.

Notice that as we land the kick, we will step our foot down for base while at the same time accelerating the rotation through our body and landing a hard-Left Hook.

The setup we are going to use will constantly change, and it doesn’t matter as long as we land that leg kick, so set it up the way you usually set up your low kick and make sure you follow it up with a left hook as you step your foot down.

Remember that this combination is all about timing, so Carlos tells us repeatedly that the moment we hit the low kick and land our foot down, the left hook should be already thrown at the target. Don’t forget to keep your hands up in this combination; we are working in close range, and we must stay alert.

The key to understanding this combination is to think of our body as a spring; every strike I will throw, I need to rotate that spring and load it up to come back with another powerful shot on the other side. 

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