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Basic Footwork Box Drill by Carlos Condit

Basic Footwork Box Drill by Carlos Condit


Carlos Condit was the undefeated WEC welterweight champion and interim UFC welterweight champion, known widely for his exciting and dynamic style that relied heavily on footwork. Here Carlos Condit shows a footwork drill for beginners that will give you basic understanding needed to start evolving your footwork to an elite level!


Starting in an orthodox stance (left leg in front) and hands up protecting his face, Carlos Condit explains that he wants to be sitting into this stance. Notice Carlos has a slight bend in his knees. This bend allows Condit to spring in any direction quickly. The first direction Carlos moves is forward. To move forward Condit is not simply stepping with his lead leg leg, but also driving off his back leg, propelling his body weight forward. 

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Once Carlos Condit takes a step forward he will then move to the side. It does not matter which side he moves to, as long as he moves the correct leg first. Whatever side Condit moves to, the leg on that side moves first while the other leg drives off the ground. If he moves forward, his lead (left) leg steps while the rear (right) leg drives off the floor. If Carlos wishes to move to his left his left leg will step in that direction while his right leg drives him that way. When Carlos is moving, take note or the space in between his legs, Condit is not crossing his feet or bringing them closely together on this drill. This allows Carlos to always have a strong strance, giving him the ability to attack, defend, move in any direction or cut and angle at any time because he is never compromising his base with his movement.

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