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Battle Tested Combinations With Carlos Condit

Battle Tested Combinations With Carlos Condit


Every great fighter montage ever has footage of fighters shadowboxing. It is guaranteed you walk into any striking or MMA gym you will find fighters warming up with shadow boxing. Shadow boxing is a great way to get loose, get timing and warm up.

Shadow boxing requires much more than just throwing punches at the boogeyman. It requires some level of skill and knowledge in which to employ the technique properly. Footwork and head movement are essential skills to work with during a session.

Here is former WEC Welterweight Champion, UFC Interim Welterweight Champion Carlos “The Natural Born Killer” Condit showing some great drills to work on while shadow boxing.



Key notes of the box drill

  •       Feet always finish how they started in a fighting stance (the distance between front foot and back foot will end the same distance apart as they started)
  •       Move forward, Lateral front side, back, Lateral back side. Four sides creating a box hence the name of the drill.
  •       Keep your focus on how your body weight shifts during movement.

Some of you might be asking why such a rudimentary drill is important and why should Carlos Condit be the person to tell me to do it?

The reason this drill is important is because it reinforces muscle memory. When exhausted fighters need their bodies to react in an autonomous manner. Simply if a fighter gets put on stupid street, chicken legs, or plain old gets knocks silly. The only survival instinct the body will have is muscle memory.

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Footwork is the base of all effective striking and grappling techniques. If a fighter can train their body to move in an instinctual manner, there is a much greater probability that they will be able to react in a more natural way.

Miyamoto Musashi speaks of the theory of “No Mind” or “Void” in the last chapter of his book. In his text “The book of five rings” void is the action of acting/reacting without conscious thought. The idea that a fighter can throw a combination in a split second after slipping a punch or kick.

Ever see a boxer slip punches like they were watching them come in in slow motion. If not look up Canelo Alverez slips punches. If there was ever a man to make it look like there was a glitch in the matrix, it would be Canelo Alverez.

So why should you listen to Carlos Condit? Over his long MMA Career he has fought the majority of his fights in two of the worlds most competitive organizations. In World Extreme Cage fighting or The WEC for short, Carlos had a perfect 5-0 record. He won the Welterweight title, then had three title defenses before the UFC bought the organization.

Once in the UFC, Condit has had 5 fight of the night bonus worthy fights. He had two separate Knockout of the night bonus performances. If that isn’t enough, he then beat Nick Diaz for the Interim Welterweight title.

Carlos has 30 wins in his career with half of them coming by way of knockout. A .500 knockout ratio is insane. You don’t get 15 knockouts at the highest level of MMA without having the ability to fight in the “Void”.

So how does he do it? Carlos uses combinations and footwork in order to put his competition to sleep. Practicing combinations and footwork in the gym has carried Carlos through some of the greatest fights of his career with legends of the sport. Carlos only had two of his wins go by decision. Everything else was a finish. 

Combat Tested Striking Combinations by Carlos Condit
Carlos has taken the time to outline his training regimen for footwork, combinations and strategy that has made him one of the most successful MMA fighters in the UFC. Check cout Combat Tested Striking Combinations By Carlos Condit!