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Chaining Combos with Condit

Chaining Combos with Condit


Have you ever been watching a fight, then out of nowhere a fighter goes on an insane flurry and seems to just be in the zone? What about when a fighter takes a shot and fires back with lightning quick reflexes? These qualities make fighters seem almost superhuman.

Are these fighters superhuman or possess some gift that others do not? Well some might, but most of it is just old fashioned hard work in the gym. Hours of pad work, bag work, sparring over and over and over… you get the idea.

What are we really seeing inside the ring when we watch fighters who go into auto pilot during fights? Some call it experiences or Fight IQ. Which are broad statements, but that is locker room talk if you will. What is it truly that is going on that makes a fighter that good?

There are a multitude of factors, but at the end of a day our brain is the pilot of our bone battle suit that is covered with meat armor. The brain is what is doing all the fancy work.

It processes the information through the eyes via the optic nerves, through to the visual cortex located at the cerebral cortex, Notifies the Hippocampus which makes a decision on what to do, then in the case of motor movement notifies the Motor cortex and fires the basal ganglia to get muscles to move.

So for the brain, much like a computer it has to be told how to identify situations then how to react. So the first part of recognition is being in the situation. Then the tricky part is getting the Motor Cortex to move after the hippocampus has decided it knows what to do.

The motor cortex is responsible for what we often refer to as “Muscle Memory”

Muscle Memory is defined as “Muscle memory is a form of procedural memory that involves consolidating a specific motor task into memory through repetition”

Eureka! “Specific motor task into memory through repetition” This is fantastic news, This means that anyone can learn how to counter, and throw combos!Combos can be chained together, and timing can be altered to overwhelm an opponent. The saying “Punches in bunches” is there for a reason. Cause it works!

Below check out how former UFC Interim Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit explains how he chains combos together.


Carlos is obviously a believer that if you do repetitions through exhaustion you will pick them up better. Carlos explains he uses this specific technique as a “Burn out” at the end of a session. The theory is that he will be able to repeat these motions even after he’s been exhausted in a fight.

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It is obvious Carlos has been doing something right. He is the former WEC Welterweight Champion, and Interim Welterweight Champion of the UFC. He has 30 wins on his pro record with half of them coming by way of knockout.

It comes as no surprise Carlos knows a thing or two about striking and the methods to get techniques to stick. In his recent instructional series he goes over tons of combos, both with hands and feet. He also shows plenty of tricks to fighting in the clinch and setting traps. Check it out !


Combat Tested Striking Combinations by Carlos Condit