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Constant Combos With Carlos Condit

Constant Combos With Carlos Condit

Get Creative With Carlos Condit!


In this video former Strikeforce welterweight champion and former UFC interim Welterweight champion Carlos Condit goes over a simple drill to help create long combinations. The drill itself is pretty simple, Condit throws a standard rear cross to lead hook combination, which naturally follows up with a rear kick. Immediately after bringing his leg back to its original position Condit goes into a combination that is the reverse of the previous one.  It starts off with a lead hook, then a rear cross and finishes off with a lead kick to the body. 

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While this combination is very simple, there are a lot of ways to make it more challenging that Carlos Condit goes into. Condit starts off the video stating that this combination is something that he does as a burnout at the end of a pad work session. This is a great use for this drill, as if you have the proper balance and coordination you will be able to land back into your stance and continually do this drill with no break between combinations. 

You can also use this drill as a way to work your coordination directly, as this drill will make you land back into your stance properly before you can throw anything else. You can also make this drill harder by having your pad holder either move forwards, backwards or stay in the same position throughout the combination. This will force you to maintain the proper distance throughout the combination. If the pad holder moves backwards, the person hitting will have to move forward accordingly in order to maintain the right distance to land their shots with. 

If your pad holder goes forward the person hitting will have to move backwards accordingly to maintain the right distance where their strikes can land effectively. Doing this drill in that way will also help build up their ability to strike while moving backwards, which is something that even at the pro level fighters lack. 

If the pad holder stands still then the person hitting the pads will have to stay in place while throwing the combo, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. This will help develop that distance control, as in less experienced fighters it is common to move forward with every strike, even if it puts them out of position to do so. Developing the knowledge and sense for distance and when to move and when to stand still while striking is very important.

This is also a good drill to use if you are trying to learn how to strike from the opposite stance than the one you are used to using. These basic combinations are perfect for developing that coordination in the opposite stance. 

Condit also shows the lead leg kick as a switch kick, it is a good idea to switch it up and instead of switching, stepping forward with your back leg and kicking without switching your feet. This is a less powerful kick, but it is much faster, meaning that your opponent is less likely to see it coming.

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