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Fake Body Kick to Front Kick by Saenchai

Fake Body Kick to Front Kick by Saenchai

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In this video, the man that many people consider thee greatest Muay Thai Fighter of all time, Saenchai Sor Kingstar, breaks down one of his most famous and effective techniques.  

Here Saenchai demonstrates his fake round kick to a teep, also known as a push kick. Saenchai starts off the video by talking about and showing how important setting up this technique is. In order to make sure that you can land this kick, you need to make sure that your opponent is expecting something else, or else they are likely to defend it. 

To start off Saenchai throws some rear kicks to the body, to get the opponent to start blocking that attack. Then Saenchai starts off the kick in the same way but then quickly changes it to attack his opponents exposed torso. This not only attacks an opening that was created by his opponent’s block but will also likely cause them to go off balance. 

This is a great way to keep your opponent guessing, even from a technique as basic as a roundhouse kick to the body. This will also help push back an aggressive opponent who might be able to see your standard teep kicks coming and block or catch and counter them.  

Saenchai also emphasizes that you should land forward after landing this technique, instead of retracting the kicking leg back as you would normally do with your kicks. This allows you to keep your balance because if you were to retract your kick you are likely to lose balance and put yourself out of position, leaving you open to a counter-attack from your opponent if they are able to recover fast enough. 

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Additionally, this allows you to follow up more quickly with additional strikes, as you are now closer to the target that just got pushed away. You can now more easily follow up with strikes on an off-balanced opponent and you need to be as quick as possible, as they won’t stay that staggered forever.

The only problem with this is if you are not used to being in the opposite stance   you might have a hard time following up with attacks from it. A way to negate this is to use the technique that Saenchai showed with your lead leg. You can do this by faking a switch kick off your lead leg into the push kick and land forward back into your normal stance. This is a good option but you might also find it difficult if you’re not used to using your left leg in this way. 

A solid follow up to this technique after your opponent is staggered is the superman punch. The Superman punch will allow you to close the large amount of distance that you probably made off of the push kick and if your opponent is still off-balance, you still have a decent chance of knocking them down. A follow up with a similar effect would be a flying knee, which would also help you switch back to your other stance.


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